When the fog dispersed, the flower protectors and thieves appeared all over the world on the stage, causing sporadic elements to be immortal, and controlling the golden dragon's flight, Duoduo should not have appeared here. So he was pressed back into his body by the flower protector without thinking, and the glory was taken up by the flower protector and the thief all over the world. But it was agreed that he would be rewarded with a lot of small cakes after the event, and Duoduo thought it was worth it. Seeing the two people on the stage, the emperor laughed heartily and said three good words to reward them. Much more than the last time. The quality is not comparable before. Although the people of the State of Qiao and the State of Chu had smiles on their faces, their expressions were somewhat embarrassed or twitching. Dragon blessing, ah, after this matter spread out, no matter where people will feel that this emperor is the real right man, the emperors of other countries are so close to one or two points, it is really depressing. But they are more concerned about the two people above, should be the people of the song and dance troupe of the popular group of silence, can create such a miracle, it is really unusual. Xiaoya, Xiaoya, what's wrong? Xiaoya? At this time, the voice of the three princes of Chu suddenly sounded out of time,tile trim manufacturers, and everyone looked over, so the princess fell into the arms of the three princes, looking very painful, and her body was still trembling. The crowd brush gathered in the past, the side of the attendant doctor hurried past, carefully checked the princess again, unexpectedly did not find where the problem is. The princess spat out a mouthful of blood from her mouth and then fell unconscious. Just when everyone was in a hurry and didn't know what to do,tile trim factory, a soft voice sounded: "Let me try." The people in the encirclement turned to look at the past, and the wife of the head of the silent popular group was standing on the periphery, looking at them with a smile in her eyes. The encirclement automatically made way for the plain girl to come in. Su Nu squatted beside the princess and said softly to the three princes of Chu, "Don't worry, it's all right. Put her flat on the ground first." Chu three princes originally anxious mood after hearing the plain female this sentence miraculously settled down, looked up at the plain female, put his sister on the ground, watching the plain female treatment. Su Nu lowered her head and said, "Get out of the way. Don't be too crowded." Then two hands press on the princess's heart, release energy to protect someone's heart, and then do the same action in the brain, after confirming that the princess is not in danger of life for the time being, take the pulse. Good. The heart is about to be eroded by an unknown black substance. It should be poison. The brain is very safe. What we need to do now is to force the poison out. He looked up and said to the three princes of Chu, "She has been badly poisoned. I have protected her heart for the time being. There is no danger." Then he said to the emperor, aluminum tile edge trim ,china tile trim, "I want a quiet place to help her get rid of the poison." With a wave of the emperor's big hand, a man came to lead the way for the plain girl. The three princes of Chu picked up the princess and prepared to follow Su Nu. Because of a gentle swing, the princess brushed and highlighted a mouthful of blood, but also happened to spit on the body of the vegetarian girl. Looking at the three princes of Chu who were anxious again, Su Nu comforted that this was a normal phenomenon. She took out a veil from her bosom to wipe her blood-splashed hand and followed the father-in-law ordered by the emperor. The shadow followed him, and the three princes of Chu walked beside him. The emperor ordered some more things and followed him with a large group of people. I hope that the princess of Chu will not have anything to do, or there will be trouble. Inside the hall, the palace maids sent buckets of hot and cold water to the inner room, and countless people waited anxiously outside. The silent popular group was very careful to put away their expressions of watching the play. It's not good to be seen by outsiders, and they will think they are gloating. Finally. For the people outside, after more than ten centuries, the inner room was finally quiet. Su Nu came out slowly. The shadow went up to wipe her sweat. The third prince of Chu came over immediately and asked, "How is it going?"? My sister, my sister. Su Nu smiled and nodded. It's all right. The poison has been forced out. I'll wake up soon. I'll lie in bed for a few days, and I'll be able to jump around. The people of Chu breathed a sigh of relief and said it was all right, it was all right. Then the three princes of Chu bowed deeply to the plain girl. I didn't find it in a hurry just now, but now I see that even the emperor of this country has treated her with courtesy. He must have a lot of background. It's not too much for him to bow. The emperor walked up to the three princes of Chu and said seriously, "I will give you an explanation." This kind of thing happened unexpectedly in front of the civil and military officials and foreign envoys, and the original good mood was gone. Hum. Whoever wants to kill the princess of the State of Chu in our country, I will not spare him lightly. Eyes intentionally or unintentionally swept the leading minister of Qiao, the latter returned a big smile, but also said that Qiao could help. Looked at the back of the thieves all over the world a few people a burst of smoke, the princess had an accident when he saw a flash of smile in his eyes, heard the plain woman said nothing after the fundus has a great shock. Now even pretend to say help, sure enough, this kind of fox is not generally strong. The emperor turned his head and asked Su Nu what poison it was. Su Nu shook her head. Then the emperor ordered the doctor to study the poison thoroughly, and it was better to know what to do than not to know anything. This matter makes everybody energy haggard, which still has the mood to continue to carry on the banquet, the emperor has the hand to wave gently. It's all gone. And the emperor also took his general into the imperial study to discuss the matter. Before leaving, please stay here in case the princess's condition changes. Being rejected by the plain woman, she confidently said that there was no need to stay, unless she was poisoned again, or the princess would wake up tomorrow, the emperor could not force her, so she nodded and left. The third prince of Chu is going to see his sister. On the way back, Xiao Bing suddenly opened her mouth and said to Su Nu, "Sister, where is your veil?" The veils of plain women, whether new or old, are all marked. Someone embroidered a plain character on the corner of the veil, which is simple and unique. It is valuable in the game. There are more than N players who want the veil she has worn. Su Nu thought for a moment and said, "Wipe the blood on your hands and throw it away." This kind of veil is something here, and it's hard to wash it clean with blood, so it's thrown away directly. Xiao Bing said,aluminium tile trim profiles, "Oh, it's all right," and then turned around and kissed the beast. jecatrims.com