I don't know who gave such an order, but it's quite reasonable. It's always a bad job to send a pension to the dead soldiers, but if the wounded go to send it, it's not easy to be blamed, and these people go home with money, which can also inspire the will of other people in the city to defend the city. So the next day, Xue Changgong and his brother-in-law Hou Jing went to some brothers' homes. It was a very hard thing. But after running, his brother-in-law's mind was alive: "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, where are we going to play? You take me to the alum building to have a look." He as Xue Changgong QinBing side, got thirteen two two money of silver, for the soldiers at this time, is also a lot of money. Although the soldiers of the Wu Dynasty were not taken seriously, Xue Changgong, as a general in the Japanese army, occasionally went to places like the alum building. After the death of his first wife, he naturally had a continuation, but his second wife also died of illness shortly after the marriage. Because his parents also died early, people said that his life was hard to conquer his family. Although he had the idea of marrying a third wife, it was not settled later. He was a martial arts practitioner, full of vigor and vitality. Later, most of the money he earned was spent in brothels. In fact, in his mind, he also had an idea that the woman in the brothel was far more interesting than the wife he married home. Without the control of his family, he felt that it didn't matter if he went on like this. It's just that when the brother-in-law talks about it, he's a little confused. Xue Changgong looked at his brother-in-law and said, "More than ten taels of silver is too much to put at home, but it's nothing to go to the alum building and other places. You can stay at home and marry a girl after the war." The brother-in-law looked evasive and curled his lips. "Brother-in-law, you also said that more than ten taels of silver is actually a lot in the countryside. If you put it in the capital, what kind of good family can you marry?". Besides, brother-in-law, look at the situation these days, like that,ceramic bobbin heater core, I took the money. I don't know if there's a life flower. His words made Xue Changgong's eyes stern. Hou Jing paused and said, "Actually, a few days ago, when I went to Zhuji for dinner, I saw the performance of the teacher girl, brother-in-law, if.." If I could see it again, I would. No complaints. Xue Changgong slapped him on the head. After a moment, his eyes slowed down a little. "Do you want to see Li Shishi with a dozen taels of silver?"? And what's there to see when you're an old girl? He took a breath and then added, "That's all. To celebrate the defeat of the Jurchens, the people in the reception army in the alum building don't charge money these two days. But Li Shishi is not so easy to meet. With your brother-in-law's military card, maybe you can meet him. You can try your luck with me tonight.". Take the silver back! Let your parents keep it and marry you a daughter-in-law! When he promised to come down, Hou Jing nodded and became excited. That night, the two men went toward the alum building. Xue Changgong and Hou Jing still had bandages on their bodies, but such injuries were indeed the most popular passes in Bianliang City at this time. On the way, Hou Jing talked about Li Gang leading his troops to repel the Jurchens that day. He was going to brag to others in the alum building. Then he talked about Li Gang and thought he was really good. …… A few days earlier, when the golden dog raided the West Water Gate, ceramic bobbin heater ,cordierite c520, they did not expect that Li Xiang had been prepared, laid a stake in the water, and blocked the waterway with a huge stone, the golden dog could not climb the city at all.. "That's not hard to predict. When the Jin people came over, which of the waterways out of the city was not blocked like this? It wasn't just blocked in the west." "Well, that's true." Hou Jing nodded, and then lowered his voice, "however, listen to everyone say, in order to block the waterway, Li Xiang sent people directly to Cai Taishi mansion before the war, Cai Taishi mansion in the garden were demolished, the Taihu stone filled into the water.". Brother-in-law, I think, ah, to block the waterway, where the stones can not be used, Li Xiang just demolished Cai Taishi's garden, you say this is not.. "You shut up." Xue Changgong suddenly interrupted him and glared at him, "Don't mention this kind of thing in the future." How can you and I guess what happened to those people above. "You can't say whether you can guess or not," he said for a moment. "Oh." Hou Jing nodded. Not long after two people arrived at the alum building, it was the beginning of the lantern, when the aroma of food overflowed, the alum building was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. After Xue Changgong revealed his identity, he knew that it was not difficult to see the famous flower queen, such as Li Shishi, who had a free banquet for the soldiers in these two days, but naturally it was not a single one. There were several senior officers in the army in the courtyard of the division at this time. However, when he saw Xue Changjiu's injuries and the establishment of the army, Li Yun personally came to welcome him in. In Li Shishi's room, there was a round table to entertain guests, and now there were six or seven military officials, most of whom were higher than Xue Changgong. However, after hearing Xue Changgong's establishment, they all raised their thumbs and called him a hero. In the room, the teacher and her two beautiful servant girls took turns toasting with the crowd, asking about the war situation, thanking them, and then naturally there was a performance, not to mention. Although Hou Jing was Xue Changgong's sidekick, because he was injured, he was able to sit down and watch the performance. He was even questioned by Li Shishi and others. Before the young man drank, his face was already red. Even though he was no longer the most popular flower queen in Bianliang City at this time, Li Shishi was still very famous at this time, not to mention that his singing and dancing skills had reached their peak. When the lights in the room dimmed and the teacher girl left the table and came over again, a simple dance performance could really make people feel excited, but as Xue Changjiu, who had just come down from the battlefield and came out of the place where his hands and feet were broken, he always felt something was wrong. After a while, he left the table on the pretext of something and left his brother-in-law there. When he left the door, Li Shishi was asking the people inside about the matter of strengthening the walls and clearing the fields outside the city. A general said, "Now outside the city, hundreds of thousands of troops are coming towards Bianliang. The survival of the whole country falls on this battle.". As soon as the war broke out,ceramic welding tape, millions of people around them naturally ran away, and no one mentioned it. "I don't know," said another general. "Why did Miss Shi Shi ask about this? It was a crooked idea to strengthen the walls and clear the fields. Everything with the Jin people still has to be won or lost on the battlefield.." 。 global-ceramics.com