At that time, I was still a little confused, but I also began to understand that the main structure of these charcoal is very wonderful. I just took a nap, and the world changed. I'm not alone anymore. When there are other conscious bodies as well. At this time, the word "I" has meaning. How many long wait, ah, that the same but rapidly changing energy space, overflowing with my thousands of years of cheers. I'm thinking about how to make them recognize "me". How to enter their world? When I, the negative energy carrier, enter the positive energy space, what unpredictable things will happen? For example, when a positive electron meets a negative electron, the two electrons annihilate, releasing two photons and energy at the same time. I hesitated and hesitated, and the rapid development of the three-dimensional world made me determined. The result of development is a living body called "human". In the endless darkness, I just drifted and drifted, tired of the fusion and fission of helium chain, tired of the vortex pitch and shunt of energy flow, I thought it was just me, in the eternal years and a kind of loneliness, before the appearance of "man", I did not think it was a kind of pity and sadness. People laugh, people communicate, people cry.. I look,ceramic igniter electrodes, how envious ah, compared to my thousands of years of dry memory, those brilliant and beautiful things are flowing between people. I am tired of, can no longer bear my thousands of years of lonely waiting, perhaps, is waiting for, and I intersect with the soul. I lost part of my memory, even became very weak, and for a long time,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I even regressed into a state without the consciousness of "I". Because I throw away all of myself and enter the three-dimensional world, even if it is only a humble stone. I really forgot. I don't remember what method I used to force myself into this stone. I only know that without it, I will die. Perhaps, death originally belongs to my thing, but now it has become a reality. I am a being above three dimensions: a point has no dimension. The accumulation of countless primary points is a straight line, which is the first dimension. Countless straight lines add up to form a plane, which is the second dimension; and countless planes add up to form a three-dimensional space, which is the third dimension; and so on, countless cosmic spaces add up, forming the fourth dimension where I am. To be exact, I am lurking in the gap between the world and the world, around the same loneliness and waiting for thousands of years. Life, however, is still so magical in the development. Only a three-dimensional living body, under the differentiation of protein structure, can actually have the equivalent change of multi-flow energy, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, no wonder life will come into being, no wonder, other consciousness will come into being. How long is my broken memory? I don't know. When I have fragmentary memory fragments, the people of the past have already existed. What an irregular existence! However, protein life, people at the forefront of development, has done beyond the limitations of their own dimensions. For example, in an infinite potential well, if there is a particle, because the potential well is large enough, in the case of potential energy difference, the particle can not pass through the potential well, but in actual observation, some particles can pass through the barrier and appear on the other side of the barrier, and the barrier penetration effect occurs, that is, the so-called "tunnel effect". People's explanation is that if the particle is quantized, the phenomenon can be explained by the fluctuation of the particle. So if someone can travel through four-dimensional space, can we also understand it in this way? Human beings have been developing for so long, and countless generations in countless worlds can reach the quantum state in quantity. Individual people, in the process of survival and evolution, have finally taken a step that others cannot take-to the world. They can't really swim in the negative energy layer like I can, so they just obliterate, emit a few photons, and then leave no ash behind. They just cross, from one world to another, of course, there are people who are not in the past but accidentally cross. People in the past are the product of common stimulation under a variety of conditions. They wander in various realms, but in other realms, their time can not be in line with the time of this realm, that is to say, they have no aging, no metabolism in other realms, and because of the special nature of their own realm, they can partially use the negative energy carried by their own realm, and in other realm, there is no disadvantage. And in his own world, he is just an ordinary person. The negative energy field of each world is strong or weak, and the amount of energy that each person can mobilize varies from person to person. Although people in the past are rare in a thousand years, they can survive forever. After a long time, there will be more people and more conflicts. In the sporadic memories I began in three-dimensional space, there were only countless fragments of people's deaths. The clearer memory is that once three people fell down in front of him, a man covered with blood, walked two steps over, holding the injured woman next to him, and said gently, "Are you all right?" The woman shook her head and said, "What a close call! If I hadn't taken it with me, I would have fallen." And then it's blurred. The more people die, the more vivid the blood, the more vivid my memory. Maybe all the people who died were sucked dry of energy by me. I finally regained the same intensity of consciousness as before because of the presence of a person. I don't know his name. I call him Doctor. The doctor comes from a world where science and technology are extremely developed, and he studies physics. He became the past and completely overturned the whole definition of space and time in physics. He was confused for a long time until he found me. The doctor communicated with me with a very sensitive energy level measuring instrument. He told me that he had found me by accident, in the middle of a lot of dead people. Go to the boundary. I am a negative energy existence,7g Ozone Generator, although I can be separated from the three-dimensional positive energy by the silicon structure, but I am still facing the positive energy of the whole world, I am weak and will be obliterated at any time.