Meng Ze, who escaped from the camp in the fierce battle that day, was not completely destroyed. Chen Xi would never have dreamed that dozens of Meng Ze had not gone with the brigade, and thus avoided the fate of being destroyed. When the dozens of Meng Ze finally fled to the western tribe, it was time for Ning Nuo to return to the army, and Bian Chara also drove her shuttle down from the sky a few days ago, and successfully took control of the largest Meng Ze tribe in the west. To her delight, the Mengze tribe here is obviously a little more advanced than the small tribe she lived in earlier. There is a stricter hierarchy in the tribe, and the social division of labor is more clear. The female Mengze are only responsible for hunting, while the male Mengze are responsible for picking and grazing, and have begun to try to sow. Bianchala felt gratified that at least they could understand her orders, and that they formed a large family with matrilineal members, which made them a step closer to civilization. As a result, the news of the destruction of the wildlife stage camp did not make Bianchala feel much sad until a young male who escaped expressed a clear meaning: "a few rats kill a lot of Mengze." You mean very few rats? How many? Meng Ze obviously did not understand the number and proportion. He scratched the hair on his body vigorously. After a while, he suddenly stretched out a hand and opened five fingers: "Meng Ze." Then a finger of the other hand came out: "Rat." "What weapon does the rat use?" "Chop and shoot at once." Bianchala quickly grasped two important messages from his staccato words: the rats are indeed much more advanced than Mengze at present,10g Ozone Generator, they can drive horses, they have sharper weapons, and possibly tactics, otherwise with their small stature, they can not defeat Mengze five times as much as them in any case; Another important point is that the young male Mengze in front of us has a much higher IQ than the ordinary Mengze. Too bad he's not her. Bianchala looked carefully at the Munzer again. His forehead was not as high as those of his kind, and his mouth was not so prominent. What was important was that his eyes were less ignorant than theirs. She suddenly thought of a possibility,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, a possibility that could quickly improve Munzer's intelligence. "You, follow me all the time," she told Naimonze. But in the city of Heming, at the Noble Restaurant, Xiuzhi looked worried and said, "The steward has been dragging on for so many days. My subordinates see that the two leaders are really anxious. Yesterday they delivered our glass bottles. My subordinates heard that she told her subordinates that she would take things to Xifeng if she didn't succeed." Cuihua waved her hand nonchalantly. "Don't worry. This season's grain is on our side. Even the grain from those places in the south of Xifeng has come to our side. As long as she still wants grain, it's useless for her to go anywhere. In the end, she has to come to us." "Oh, really?" With a happy look on her face, Xiuzhi hurriedly flattered her and said, "The steward is very capable. How did you do such a big thing?"? Subordinates can't even think about it. Cuihua smirked, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,Kamado bbq grill, as if it had really been done by her. But when she thought about it, she didn't dare to take the credit of the second young lady. She quickly took it back and put on a modest expression: "Well, how can I be so capable? This is all the way our second young lady came up with. A few days ago, the second young lady went to Wangdu. Have you forgotten?"? I just went to see the three emperors. How could such a big thing be done so easily without the words of the three emperors? "Oh," Xiuzhi knelt two steps into Cuihua: "This matter spread so far ah? Yes, those horse thieves are rough, but they are all delicate things. I really don't know how to get them out. Chief steward, it is said that this business is all your business. Now you have made such a big noise. Apart from anything else, the gold you have earned through your old hands in the past year is all gone. I think you still need to be promoted! I didn't run! This really speaks to Cuihua's heart, although she also understands that Xiuzhi wants her to be promoted because she is thinking about her position, but, people, who do not want to climb up, as long as it does not hinder themselves, there is no need to care. Just as she was about to compliment Hideki, there was a knock on the door. She shouted, "Come in." The door opened, and a clerk sneaked in. He turned around and closed the door. He said mysteriously and excitedly in a low voice, "The chief steward, the crystal's subordinates have got a definite message!" Cuihua and Xiuzhi looked at each other and straightened up. Xiuzhi said, "What's the matter? Tell the steward quickly." "Subordinates listen to the orders of the two stewards, these days have been planning to approach the children, and today finally succeeded.". The scar-faced leader urged us to load the grain today, but didn't he do it again? She went back and lost her temper with her subordinates. Later, she drank alone in the room. The little ones were frightened and hid out. They wandered around the street and had no money. They could not afford to buy anything. The subordinates bought them a few things and invited them to drink. In this way, the subordinates got their bottom line. "Tell me everything," said Cuihua. Show branch is busy say: "Big steward, this thing is not urgent, arrive to say those a few children to go back first after?"? What did the two leaders say? Cuihua immediately understood that Xiuzhi was worried that the horse thieves would make a trap for them. She nods: "What show branch steward asks is good, you say first, how over there?" That fellow was stupefied: "What they are drunk is almost, subordinate looks they are slow steaming anxious, subordinate will sign up for two stewards first." Cuihua frowned. "Come on, Xiuzhi, let's go and have a look." As they spoke, the two men sneaked out of the door and sneaked along the corridor like thieves with the gang into a room. This room is next to the guest rooms of Zisha,Alumina Ceramic C795, which is specially reserved. The three of them entered the room, closed the door gently, picked up two copper bowls on the table and buckled them on the wall.