So, you’ve decided to sell your engagement rings in Ottawa, Ontario. This could be because you and your partner decided to split, or you are now earning more and have decided to upgrade your piece.


No matter the reason, selling your ring can be a tricky process and you need to understand how to go about it properly.


Tips to sell your engagement ring

One main thing to remember when it comes to selling your wedding bands in Ottawa, Ontario is if you want to sell your piece quickly head to a local jewelry store. Your jeweler will appraise the piece and offer you a price for it.


Most stores will not pay a lot for your ring and instead of heading to a pawn shop, it’s best to choose a high-end store that will offer you a bit more. Another option is to sell your ring online on websites like Etsy so that customers looking for a good deal can buy your piece.


Just keep in mind that on these websites you may not get the ideal price you are looking for. Lastly, you can easily sell your men’s wedding rings in Ottawa, Ontario in person to your coworker or friend looking to get engaged.


This allows them to buy it outright for you at the price that you quote. Make sure you clean, repair, and maintain your piece properly before you sell it so that it’s in good condition. Also,have your ring insured and appraised by a professional.


End Note

At the end of the day always think twice before you sell your piece. Your engagement ring is sentimental and special, and many brides prefer to melt down their piece and create something new from scratch keeping the sentimental value intact.