If at first, as a boy, Amy had a good impression of Bea, it was all erased by this sentence. As soon as he stretched out his hand slightly, the blade of ice automatically jumped up from behind and fell into his hand: "I am willing to gamble and admit defeat. Since I have promised you this mission, the small mercenary regiment will do its best to complete it.". Please rest assured, but Ying is certainly not in this agreement, in addition, Lin Yuchang is not in this agreement. After a slight pause, Amy sighed slightly: "I am a small mercenary, or understand the relationship between employers and mercenaries.". Moreover, as far as the professionalism of mercenary soldiers is concerned, it is necessary to face danger and death. Finally, I would like to tell you that I happen to be a person who can dance with swords. With that, countless red sword spirits appeared on the blade of ice, dancing around the body of the sword and singing happily. At this time, Amy's words for the Golden Dragoon no longer have the feeling of being with friends at the beginning, but are purely a tone with her employer. As the head of the small mercenary regiment, I ordered Amy, the magic swordsman,304 Stainless Steel Bar, to complete the mission. Others waited in place for a day. If I didn't come out after a day, the mission would fail. Everyone would return to Xilin immediately and compensate the employer for 10 times the commission. Scattered applause rang out, and in such an awkward and solemn atmosphere, there was probably only one person who could applaud at this time. As he clapped, he sighed: "Strong, warrior!"! People who face death are really rare. Well, I don't want to stay here any longer. After all, I don't want to see anything. Ending. If I am lucky in the future,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, I hope I can make more friends with this gentleman. With that, Yi Hailan nodded slightly at Amy, and the location boundary flashed again, and he disappeared into the air. As far as the whole magic calendar is concerned, there are 11 representatives of the three most important parties affecting the situation. At this time, 10 of them appeared on the same occasion. Since then, no matter which side and the other side of the dialogue, there have never been so many important people on one occasion. www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Chapter 38 Blue Meteorite. Novel-txt Paradise Yi Hailan, as the owner of one of the three great swords of the God of Creation, should be a very tough warrior according to the requirements of the sword for the host. In fact, Yi Hailan, who appears more in front of the world and in the works of later historians, is an invincible commander and a handsome man who is famous for his wisdom rather than his fierce generals. The King of Kings: Yi Hailan Chapter 38 Blue Meteorite. Amy bit her lower lip tightly, forcing himself not to look back, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, because he knew that there was a pair of tears shining behind him, even so, he could still feel the eyes falling on his back through the mist. At the moment when he was about to enter, he suddenly stopped again: "Ao Tian, you leave here immediately and take five soldiers back to Xilin.". Although according to common sense, the whole boundary has been opened, the time here should be the same as outside, but I still feel something is wrong. Be careful when you go back. Chi Aotian gave a "Hi" and clapped his palm heavily on the abdomen of the dragon. With a sullen face, he never said a word again. He turned over to the dragon and obviously felt something. He didn't even have the mood to roar. He turned a little in the air and flew to the spiral staircase. Amy's hands clenched the blade of ice in her hands, and the red spirit of the sword shone so brightly that Amy was surrounded. In full view of the public, Amy, who was covered with red light, stepped into the glittering world of the sword. At the moment when everyone held their breath and watched Amy's back feet disappear, a white figure shook, and another figure followed Amy into the world of illusion. After the wave light moved, it quickly calmed down, as if nothing had happened. The second call came out, and everyone saw Lin Yuchang biting his white right index finger on his lips, staring with the same watery tears at the position where a short little girl had just stood, and the elf who looked very pure and very soft had disappeared. By this time, Renoir had learned from Daqingshan's anxious eyes that there was already a dark wound between the dragoon mercenary regiment and the small mercenary regiment that could not be restored at all. Amy had just said a few words at the last moment before she went in. She was afraid that she was not really worried about what was going on in Xilin Island. She had such a cold and gloomy look, and had such a mysterious and ruthless swordsmanship like a poisonous snake. But also have that let all the first time to see will certainly be a nightmare of the dragon, if Amy really can not come out, if this person once the outbreak, perhaps as a deputy head of Daqingshan can not stop. I guess that's the main reason why Amy asked him to go back. If something happens to Amy's little girlfriend, and this leads to what Amy said, it's no longer a simple relationship between an employer and a mercenary. Mercenary soldiers can ignore death, but in any case, if it leads to the innocent injury of the mercenary's family, the small mercenary regiment will not give up on this matter. At this time, Renoir was already at a loss. Of course, what made him feel more uneasy was that the most correct way at that time was to discuss countermeasures again after evacuation, but not to force the small mercenary regiment into the boundary in a short time. Amy this person really has a very good reputation, as a mercenary, Renoir does not want him to have any accidents! Daqingshan stood for a while, sat silently on the steps, lowered his head, reached out and pulled out the water hyacinth from behind, and drank two mouthfuls of water slowly. He lowered his head again, and no one could see any expression on his face. Sha Ruo was already in a daze at this time. She crossed her fingers and tried to calm down and breathe deeply. Green son at this time for the three knights of the Golden Dragoon has shown obvious hostility, as a sacred dragon, in the second order, has been able to understand human words, to the third order, really has the wisdom of human wisdom, for what happened just now is to see in the eyes,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, listen in the ears, take care of the scene there are ladies, he turned his back. The little dragon claw clenched his fist and stretched out his middle finger to make several obscene movements. sxthsteel.com