Xuan Xin's face was stared at by her, suffused with a trace of blush, see Ye Shenshen that called a pull back from the precipice. As a result, the bird summoned up the courage to rely on the small color heart to put his face up, eyes closed to the fox's mouth close to the past, well, soft, warm. But the bird forgot that she was still held by the fox, this kiss ah, the fox's hand suddenly tightened, she was out of breath, had to retreat, but did not expect Xuan Xin so strong, how can not break free. The calm pool has a circle of water halo. Natural. "Well.." Xuan Xin is a piece of ice, dull ice, dull ice kissed the bird, unexpectedly enthusiastic. The bird was also stunned, and was kissed by the fox in a daze, panting and panting. Finally, he trembled and pushed away the flushed fox, who looked like "I was eaten by you", and was deadlocked. It's sad to be accused of eating other people's tofu after making tofu. It's absolutely sad! "You.." She gritted her teeth and threw caution to the wind. "Xuan Xin, do you know what this means?" She said it was to heal the wounded and rescue the dying or to ask the gods to sacrifice for some damn reason, so she bit him to death! The corners of Xuan Xin's mouth showed a slight smile, and suddenly the lines on his whole face melted. He said, "Yes, this means that we have always been together." What could be more attractive than being together all the time? Ye Shenshen did not know what expression to take to face the ignorant Xuan Xin, but her little mind, which had been hidden in her heart before she came here last time, was suddenly admitted at this moment,dap diammonium phosphate, and suddenly her nose was sour and she wanted to cry. It's just that crying is so humiliating that she buried her head in a cold voice and threatened: "Keep your word, or tear down your lake eyebrow!" Xuan Xin just looked into her eyes, bent his head, and gently covered his lips. The gradually deepening kiss made his breathing messy. Ye Shenshen suddenly felt a little hot in his chest and freed up a hand to touch it? She took out her heart and found that it seemed to be much more ruddy than a few days ago. She put it in the palm of her hand and it was terribly hot. What is this Xuan Xin asked. Ye Shen's head not only did not sober up, but more and more dizzy, vaguely heard Xuan Xin's question, difficult to open his mouth: "extract heart ah..." Heart to heart, send me ~ An inexplicable voice. Her head was getting heavier and slower, and if she had to give this state a name, it would be very humiliating. I fainted. In a coma, she seemed to have returned to the peach blossom forest on the outer edge of Taoze, but somehow, the ground was not a swamp, but green grass and blue sky. There is a wind blowing, peach blossoms burning, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, there is a figure standing under the peach tree graceful, heard the sound of a smile, suddenly blurred up. The voice remembered again, as if it were in her ear. Jiang Mei, you are so ugly. No one wants you because you are so ugly. Only I am wronged to want you. Comatose or not, anyone who hears this will be angry. Her anger soared, and just as she was about to pull out the owner of the voice that didn't know what was good or bad, another furious female voice rang out: I, Jiang Mei, am the daughter of the emperor. There are so many people who want to marry me. It's not your turn to be a fox! -Is it? -Yes! You're blushing, oh.. -You! That person's voice is obviously very soft, but the tone is not right, the combination is a fox spirit should have the appearance, listen to people's hair stand on end, always careful to accidentally fall into the trap of others. Just that voice, but suddenly raised the tone, crisp and tight. He said Don't you Zhu Mo have a stone that can absorb water? It's called Cuixin. Heard of heart to heart, send me ~ This change can be a little bigger, the female voice seems to be stimulated, no sound for a long time, and finally squeezed out a sentence from the teeth: dream. If you don't send me, I won't marry. The voice was so arrogant that it seemed to be trying to suppress a smile, but it happened that every word was pronounced clearly, and the voice was so soft that it made people nervous. -You.. Ye Shenshen didn't know where she was, and she didn't even know if she was floating a thought. But with the voice of a man and a woman, her heart gradually ached. The two figures were vaguely under the peach tree. The woman was so angry that she did not open her head. The man broke a peach blossom in his hand and gestured on her head from a distance. Finally, he said, "It's so ugly. It's a pity that the peach blossom has gone.". This It's Jiang Mei, that is to say. Her? What about the man? Ye deeply listened quietly, she did not know how to approach, do not know how to see them, just looking at the distant, hanging on the apex of the heart like a rope listening. Female voice says: "Ugly, why do you break one every day to force me to take?"? The male voice chuckles, he said: "So I see you can take a look at the peach blossom, beauty and ugliness.". Ye Shenshen did not have Jiang Mei equal to her own cognition, she listened with great interest, until the woman's anger but pulled the man's hand over, to his wrist is a hard mouth, she finally could not help laughing out loud. These two people are really awkward. But why does that scene look familiar? The man obediently let her bite, and finally smiled, raised his arm and said: "bleeding.". -So what? The man chuckled and uttered two words: responsible. The woman did not close her mouth for a long time, frozen in place for a long time, and finally clenched her teeth and opened her mouth: "Be responsible!"! You marry me! The man said slowly, "My son, you are wrong.". The woman thought for a long time and finally figured out that he was still turning around to make a fool of himself, and finally broke out: "Bastard Shaozi!"! Invite a lover. When Ye Shenshen woke up again, he saw the blue sky. The warm sun shone on my body and hurt my eyes. There are peach blossoms on the top of the head and tender grass under the body. Xuan Xin sat beside her and looked at her lightly. Seeing her eyes open,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he drew closer and touched her forehead. It was very hot there just now, but it seems to be lighter now. She was still immersed in the image just now and could not extricate herself. She did not know whether it was a dream just now or a dream now. That man, he is-Shaozi? "How are you?" Xuan Xin saw her in a trance and opened her mouth gently. stargrace-magnesite.com