"Shopkeeper," said Lu Yun lightly, "I'll cash it with you. One hundred taels for thirty taels. How The great good thing flew to the door. The shopkeeper was dumbfounded and said in a panic, "Young man, the silver shop is not far from here. It's only at the east corner of the city. Why don't you go and exchange it yourself?" Lu Yun lowered his head and lowered his eyes. "It's not convenient for me to go there," he whispered. The shopkeeper was shocked. "Is it convenient?" He asked? What do you mean? Lu Yun picked up the baby and said lightly, "Don't ask too many questions.". If you are interested in exchanging silver, I would be grateful. Hearing the waiter's repeated urging, the shopkeeper was not in a hurry to agree. He only looked up and down at Lu Yun's appearance and repeatedly pondered. Lu Yun is not afraid of him to see, just shut up. After a while, the shopkeeper coughed and said, "Well, I can't tell whether the ticket is true or false. Since it's not convenient for you to cash it in person, it's better for the villain to go there for you.". True gold is not afraid of fire. If the ticket is true, we will not swallow one or two pieces of silver, and we will give it to you according to the price. But if it's fake, hey, don't blame me for kicking you out. This person is honest and fair, there is no idea of taking advantage of the danger of others, but it is rare to see, Lu Yun was overjoyed, can not help but some gratitude. Seeing the shopkeeper rush out from behind the counter and brush past him, Lu Yun grabbed him and said, "Wait a minute." The shopkeeper's face changed and he asked, "What else can I do for you?" Lu Yun smiled and said, "It's all right. I just want to thank you." The shopkeeper coughed a few times, but without saying much,Magnesium Oxide price, he hurried out of the door. Lu Yun took the medicine bag from the waiter and told him to come over with a bucket of goat's milk. He took the bezoar to test the taste, but felt that it was bitter and sweet, and was undoubtedly top-grade. The bezoar was a lump in the gall bladder of a cow, which was specially used to strengthen the heart and calm the mind, and had a miraculous effect on detoxification. He first chewed it in his mouth, then fed it to the baby to swallow. Seeing that the baby had lost a lot of blood and was weak in Qi and blood, the bezoar was naturally symptomatic. The medicine is divided into "monarch, minister, assistant and envoy", and the mild goat milk is the assistant and envoy. When Lu Yun saw that the spatula in the hall was complete,calcium nitrate sol, he immediately took a ladle and spoon of water, made a fire to boil the water, cooked the fragrant solomonseal rhizome for a while, then boiled the wound medicine into soup, and mixed it into the goat milk for the baby to drink. Busy already finished, Lu Yun picks up the chair to sit down, the complexion is calm, freely between the forehead wound wipes the crude medicine. He held the baby on his knee and looked at it carefully. He saw that the child was still sleeping soundly, and his red face was very peaceful, but the middle of his eyebrows was the same as his own, leaving a mark. Life has come to this situation, and there is no need to think about anything. Lu Yunduan crossed the brazier, holding the child in his arms, and the father and son quietly warmed their clothes by the fire, waiting for the hot water in the pot to boil. His body was warm, his eyelids were getting heavier, and he was going to sleep soundly. Listen to footstep suddenly disorderly, a few people hiss cry: "Where is the person?"? Where are the people? Lu Yun woke up with a start and heard the voice of the shopkeeper outside the door: "The man is inside. Go and have a look." Lu Yun opened his mouth wide. He never expected that the shopkeeper would go to the Yamen to inform him. His face trembled. He looked back at the waiter, but he had already fled and disappeared. He was alone in the huge hall. That's him! The silver ticket is his! The figure at the door of the shop jumped and shouted. Dozens of officers, Magnesium Oxide powder ,caustic calcined magnesite, armed with instruments, had already rushed up. Hearing this, the officers shouted again and again: "Come and report your name!"! Why is there a silver ticket for the magistrate of Changzhou? The official at the gate shouted, this scene is really familiar, from that year's failed fugitive, all the way to become the champion of the world, the only constant is still the cold world, and their sad eyes. With tears in his eyes, Lu Yun hugged the baby in his left hand, bowed his head and faced the boiling water, crying and calling softly: "The world.." The world.. All the officials looked at each other, feeling puzzled, only to see the short-bearded man in front of him moving his lips lightly, muttering to himself, turning a blind eye to the hundred people at the door, seeing him holding the child in one hand, but holding a spatula in the other hand, boiling water freely. An official gave a cry and shouted, "I want to ask you something!"! Didn't you hear? He could not bear to be annoyed and immediately raised his hand to grab it, when he heard a roar from the lobby. The medicine isn't ready yet! Pow! Yun Mengze hit out with his sword and scabbard, and the crisp sound passed by. The officer screamed, and his hand bone was broken. He rolled to the ground on the spot. Lu Yun's eyes were vicious and bloodshot. After a while, he put down the sword in his right hand and his eyes turned gentle. He took the soup bowl, poured half a bowl of goat's milk, and put the medicine spoon into the bowl, stirring quietly. He held the baby in his arms and whispered: "Darling, let's take the medicine." Hundred years of lonely traveler, with a spoon in his hand, gently shaking, looking at him blankly, all the behavior is slow, no intention to escape, no fear, as if he lost his mind crazy, let the officer look silly. After a long time, the soup was cool, and the traveler finally scooped up a ladle, sent it to his mouth and blew it, and bowed his head to feed the baby. As if there were no one else. What else are you looking at? Take him back quickly! Suddenly, several officials rushed to Lu Yun and grabbed him. Without a word, Lu Yun pulled out "Yun Meng Ze". With a brush, the light flashed by. A row of earthen pots and medicine jars in the shop were broken. In the aftermath, a brick wall beside him had collapsed, revealing the scene of the lobby of the restaurant next door. The officials were so frightened that they fell to the ground. The shopkeeper surprised and afraid, panic way: "It's over!"! My shop! The solitary shadow in the hall stood up slowly. His eyes were dim, and he looked down at the ground. The lonely figure held the baby in his arms, but held the sword tightly in his hand. The officials opened up in a panic and gradually retreated. Dozens of guests next door were stunned and looked at the short-bearded man in the pharmacy. The officers were frightened, but no one dared to carry the knife again. When Lu Yun saw that no one was bothering him to feed the medicine, he put the sword back on the table. In silence, he picked up the spoon in his hand, opened his mouth, and finally fed the baby a spoonful. I saw the child gulped down the soup medicine, the bitter taste of the medicine was calmed by goat milk and rock sugar, the entrance was sweet and fragrant, the baby ate happily, although feverish and sick, but the mouth opened again. Lu Yunxin was so pleased that he scooped up another gourd ladle and was about to feed it again when footsteps came from the door again. At this time, the officials had retreated, and the footsteps of the people were slow. It must be the son of the trainer. Three men dressed in black came over. One of them,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, holding a silver ticket, spoke coldly and asked, "Are you Lu Zhizhou himself?" 。 stargrace-magnesite.com