Tips for hiring a nanny
Generally, a nanny is a child care provider. Nannies are responsible for caring or nurturing child, providing food, cleaning dishes and keeping their environment clean, also they are encouraged to do additional jobs consistently such as teaching and helping kids doing activities, sending them to school, doing household, provide a save rejuvenating environment for  hong kong domestic helper agency   children based on the requirements.

During the recruitment process, you need to consider about the characteristics that a nanny should have. Basically, nanny is a childcare specialist, so a nanny must truly enjoys spending time with children, a person that is fully understanding and compassionate. Furthermore, a nanny should be proactive and safety conscious. A nanny is solely responsible for the children when parents are working during the day, so a nanny must consider children’s safety first and foremost. A nanny should be proactive and prepared to handle kids injuries and emergency situations. Besides, a nanny should have a lot of energy for engaging with the children in daily activities, so it is advisable to hire someone that is agile, energetic and mature as well.

Tips for hiring a caregiver
A caregiver can be a person who is appointed to perform various duties. Basically, caregiver is responsible to give assistance to elderly or person with physical or mental health problems, offer them medical helps, assist them walking, exercising and using special equipments and memory books to help them retain memory. Besides, They make sure that the nutritious food is acceptable to the elders by coming and preparing food and continuously spread of housekeeping activities is done by caregivers who may not be able to do it for adults such as washing clothes, dusting, making beds, playing small routine tasks, providing emotional support, good communication and