I don't know if it was Liu Xiner's illusion but when Qi Hao asked this his voice seemed to be a little lower and hoarse than usual Under such circumstances it sounds as if there is a kind of inexplicable feeling Um Good delicious Liu Xiner blushed This distraction carelessly bit Qi Hao's finger Liu Xiner "" See she really made a fool of herself again 55555…… Will he feel that she has a Animal Extracts lot of shortcomings "It seems that it's really delicious You're going to eat my fingers" Qi Hao had no reaction but his voice was suddenly very low Liu Xiner looked up at him he was looking at himself eyes a bottomless darkness As if hiding something Liu Xiner involuntarily indulged in it Then I'll try it too What does it taste like It's so delicious Qi Hao also took a piece and placed it on his lips But to Liu Xiner said these words it seems that there is something hidden in the words Place the apple slice on your lips Qi Hao sticks out the tip of his tongue and gently rolls it into his mouth Liu Xiner looked at Qi Hao's way of eating and her heart suddenly jumped up Under the visual impact of Lan Jin's photo albums of beautiful men Liu Xiner even in the face of nude artistic photos of beautiful men has long practiced not changing her face But today looking at Qi Hao Liu Xiner suddenly had some impulse in her nose "It's not delicious!" He frowned Not good Liu Xiner repeated in a daze "no" Qi Hao suddenly gave a sly smile "Could it be that the food in your mouth is more delicious" I'll try it too With these words Qi Hao bent down Liu Xiner's eyes widened and a shadow came over her head Before he could react Qi Hao's mouth was already covered with hers Liu Xiner only felt a warm and soft thing gently covered his lips the head has not been digested the other side kissed his news Qi Hao has begun to attack the city First there was a gentle friction between the lips and in a trance there seemed to be a slight electric shock crisp and numbing Liu Xiner's brain also began to feel a little numb Gradually the other side was not satisfied and began to suck hard As if dissatisfied with the status quo the other side stretched out the tip of the tongue pried open Liu Xiner's teeth and began a new plunder Liu Xiner was kissed by him brain dizzy there is no trace of resistance easy let him break into the city gate Qi Hao kissed very hard Liu Xiner's breath some breathless can only tightly cling to him let oneself breathe with him Qi Hao's tongue over and over again tirelessly swept gently through her mouth as if to spread his breath all over her body For a long time China Chemicals the other side finally satisfied Began to gently touch her lips After a good time Qi Hao let her go His breath was a little unsteady and his forehead was against hers As soon as he opened his mouth all his breath brushed her lips "Sure enough what's in your mouth is more delicious" Liu Xiner's face began to be red again Qi Hao looked at Liu Xiner's red face then looked at her lips which were red and swollen by her own kiss and smiled softly "Xiner I like to see you blush" It's beautiful Said and lowered his lips holding her Chapter 29 there is a mole in the gang After Qi Hao's visit Liu Xiner's cold miraculously recovered Back to the dormitory the roommates looked at Liu Xiner and laughed so ambiguously But it's probably because Liu Xiner is seriously ill For the first time the city friends did not tease Liu Xiner this time Because when she asked for sick leave Liu Xiner was seriously ill so her roommates gave her three days of sick leave Now it's only two days and Liu Xiner is full of vigor and vitality So with the knife-like eyes of her roommates Liu Xiner was very happy to hold the computer and play games comfortably in the dormitory Because the level of the tiger sent by Qi Hao was not high Liu Xiner took the little tiger to spend time everywhere in the game After three hours the little tiger broke through the 20 mark Liu Xiner checked the attributes of the tiger and was shocked to find that the tiger was actually a heavenly baby among the mythical beasts "Chivalrous Jianghu" the pet system is just released soon the official website for the Cosmetics Materials attributes of pets and so on have made a detailed explanation The acquisition of pets roughly divided into three categories First Daguai time encountered a baby monster you can capture capture success you can be kept as a pet You can also catch monsters directly If you catch them successfully you can also be a pet It's just that the loyalty of this kind of pet is not high enough and it's very likely that when fighting it will turn against each other and bite itself back Instead they spend money to buy pets from NPCs This kind of pet attributes depend on your luck good luck may be more of the best Bad luck no way may not even be comparable to the average monster The third is to complete the pet task and get the pet randomly Most of these pets are mythical beasts and their performance is very strong Even after the level is high it is stronger than the average player of the same level Also because the pet is relatively strong so this kind of task is difficult to complete Pet attributes are divided into four categories one is the monster baby This kind of pet has a high degree of loyalty but it is difficult to catch and meet Moreover this kind of pet's blood quantity is extremely few when Daguai as long as you lightly touch it it will hang up The second category is Tianji baby Tianji baby refers to the monster baby with innate skills of the baby This kind of innate skill is very tough The third category is the mythical beast The mythical beast is one level higher than the baby It has intelligence and can act as a team member The fourth category is the celestial beast Tianji mythical beast refers to a mythical beast with innate skills The heavenly skill of the mythical beast is a little tougher than that of the baby Therefore the number of celestial beasts is very small Moreover the performance of pets can only be viewed at level 20 globalchemmall.com