Worried about the queen's safety, Gu Huai threw off the baggage and led a light ride to Fenyang at a high speed. When he reached a source of water, he ordered, "Where are the scouts?"? Quick probe. The rest of you take a break. After running for five days in a row, he approached the mountains around Fenyang. From now on, he had to be more careful. Probably after a wick of incense kung fu, scouts have returned, "report to the general, about ten miles ahead there is a group of Beijing camp." "Can you see clearly?" "The humble position is really true." The horses were now full of water, and the soldiers filled their bladders. "Let's go!" Gu Huai shouted. Sure enough, as soon as I waded through the stream, I saw the black flag of the capital camp flying high under the blue sky. One of the leaders rode like an arrow off the string and shot over, running to the front but stopping steadily. Gu Huai had already seen clearly that it was Gu Fei who had come, and unlike him, he said bluntly, "Where is Luanjia now?" "Your Majesty has ordered me to meet you.". Come with me. Instead of reining in his horse and turning around, Gu Fei took an arrow from the arrow pot and shot it into the sky with his bow. They followed the flash of black awn, looked up at the sky against the light, and when they could barely open their eyes, they saw only a small black spot falling at a very fast speed. Among the good soldiers brought by Gu Huai, many of them were originally Gu Fei's colleagues or subordinates. Although they knew his means early, they were still shocked to see him show this skill. The bow and arrow he had just used had a maximum range of sixty feet in the hands of ordinary soldiers, and an effective killing distance of fifty feet. Gu Huai thought that if it was himself, he could shoot eighty feet at most, but if he wanted to shoot down the eagle, it would be more than a hundred feet, not to mention the accurate head. "Gu Huai came to his senses in a daze and rode to catch up with Gu Fei." I was negligent, "he said. Looking back now, I'm afraid the eagle followed him all the way. Thanks to the reminder of the little prince. Gu Huai instinctively felt a surprise in his heart, and before he could recall the meaning of Gu Fei's words, he was shocked by the scene in front of him. Through a dense jungle, the view is suddenly clear, and the rolling mountains in the distance set off the flat battlefield close at hand. ShaSheng shake in the sky, a whole row of sapphire blue flag with the word "cool" like the forefront of the wave quickly forward, rushed to the Beijing camp heavily armored cavalry array. Soon, the black flags spread against the wind met the blue wave. Gu Huai see at a glance, Liangzhou military forces to ride the interval between pull very open, especially the horizontal spacing pull greatly, so that the ranks of the immediately greater space to brandish saber and long weapons such as pike. And Liangzhou light ride to kill very fast, not because of the front of the heavy armor and the charge was blocked, sometimes even in order to maintain speed, deliberately open the gap to let go of the enemy, left later cavalry to deal with. Soon, this two thousand people Qingqi will be like a wide, deep and narrow awl general firmly into the heavy armor assembly of the Beijing camp phalanx. At this point in the forefront of the cavalry with Liangzhou standard slowed down instead, by the follow-up team, so alternate, under the vertical and horizontal kill, beam impact tubes ,cold drawn tubes, Beijing camp five thousand people heavily armored cavalry array was finally scattered. Armed with a blue flag, the first to be replaced Liangzhou soldiers at the right time, formed a number of swim array, from time to time from the flank attack was scattered to the edge of the whole kill array ironclad skirmishers, slowly nibble heavy armor troops from the flank. Gu Huai see clearly, Liangzhou army because take turns to attack constantly get added and rest, part of the sergeant to restore strength while maintaining the sharpness and speed of the whole team, intended to break down in the flexibility of a lot of inferior armored phalanx. There is no doubt about the merits of this tactic. The use of light cavalry against heavy cavalry can undoubtedly make up for the weakness of the former, which is not as durable as the latter. However, this method is greatly restricted by the terrain, requiring the generals in it to have superb tactical command ability, be good at improvisation, constantly look for fighters, and avoid omissions in the rotation of the army. Liangzhou cavalry array everyone is wearing dark blue uniform outer cowhide light armor, feet across dark brown horse, only one person green shirt red horse extra punch hole, often silver gun is the team to run. Behind him, both of them held the banner of "Nie" and followed closely. Gu Huaideng's heart beat so fast that he blurted out, "Nie Zhan!" Seeing that he looked extremely surprised, Gu Fei nodded and said, "Yes, the little prince is accompanying the Beijing camp on a drill.". Your Majesty is supervising the battle on the opposite hill. I'll take you there to see you. With Gu Huai's eyesight, natural early in the morning to see that both sides are point to stop, not like the appearance of the confrontation between the two armies, he can only press down full of doubt, on horseback to follow Gu Fei around the kill array, to the hills. Sure enough, he saw a red figure standing on the hillside in the distance to watch the battle. The two men leapt off their horses. Will Gu Huai come to see you at the end. "The general worked hard all the way to get up." Gu Huai felt that his majesty in front of him looked longer than he had in his impression a few years ago, the corners of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows were calm and solemn, and the whole person was full of brilliance, restraint and heroism. Gu Huai looked at Changliu at the same time, Changliu also looked at him. When Gu Huai touched her eyes, he was startled and subconsciously lowered his head and dared not look again. Let your men rest where they are and practice together from tomorrow. "I will obey the decree at the end." As soon as the queen spoke, Gu Huai's question stuck in his throat suddenly choked. At this time, both sides on the field have sounded the retreat. When the two teams withdrew to the camp, the red horses in green shirts swept in like a whirlwind, followed by fluttering flags. "King Liang's chariot hanging array really lives up to its reputation," said Chang Liu in a loud voice. When Nie Zhan heard her words, he was not surprised. After all, the marching notes of King Liang were given by her and must have been read long ago. However, she has always said that she does not know how to fight, but has such vision, it seems that this period of time has made rapid progress. Nie Zhan thought of this and took a look at Gu Fei, who must have given him everything he could. "Thank you for your advice, little prince," said Gu Fei. "As expected, the Di people got the eagle of Ye." Nie Zhan gave a bright smile. Over the past few years, he has been dealing with Ye, and at the beginning, he has suffered a lot from the eagle. Beijing camp with Liangzhou soldiers drill running-in, a long time, between the two armies also eliminate some tension diaphragm. Gu Fei spoke quickly,Cold Drawn Tubes, Nie Zhan discussed military affairs with him a lot, but gradually, the two of them also faintly gave birth to the meaning of two points of sympathy. cbiesautomotive.com