The "muddle-headed egg" originally wanted to go to the "six dice" to take refuge in the little leopard, but he found that the whole city of Jinling was full of the "four crazy halls", so he had to hide, and finally subdued the three beggars, relying on them to beg, cheat and make a living, and became the head of the beggars. After listening to the "silly egg" of the "embarrassing" things, the little leopard wanted to scold him, but when he thought of the reason why he had today, he was to blame, unconsciously sighed. Young master, you don't know how anxious and frightened I am these days, just like a lost dog, hiding in a broken temple day and night, especially after hearing the news of your mid-ambush, I simply don't want to have a meal and don't want to change my whole person.. The "muddle-headed egg" was afraid that the little leopard would not understand his inner anxiety and sighed bitterly. The little leopard had a thorough understanding of the temper of the "muddle-headed egg". He waved his hand a little irritably and said, "Well, don't talk nonsense. You don't want to eat and drink. I think you have a good life. With these three waiters, you can stretch out your hands for tea and open your mouth for rice. You are still thin? I think you've put on a lot of weight. Cut the crap. Now that you know the relationship between Six Dice and me,Precision steel tubes, do you know what happened to them? Why did all their people disappear and their territory changed? "Hey, young master, you're kidding, I." I'm really thin, even the'little peaches' by the river ditch say so. Before the "muddle-headed man" had finished speaking, he found that he had slipped out of his mouth. It was too late for him to shut up. The little leopard had already stared and said, "Niang,side impact door beams, what is this critical juncture? You are still free.." Leisurely and carefree to practice your'horse 'skills? A dog can't change to eat shit. Want to give oneself a slap in the face, "muddleheaded egg" dry laugh twice again: "You … … You know I'm the only little.. It's a little problem. By the way, when it comes to'six dice ', I only know that'Gambling Zun' and'Pimp Flower 'and Gutang are all forced away. "Forced to leave?"? Who forced him to leave? The little leopard said in amazement. You don't know? That means they all ran away. "Muddleheaded" as if wondering why the little leopard didn't know. " Damn it, why would I ask you if I knew? The little leopard said angrily. Don't you know that the whole city of Jinling has fallen out with such a big thing? The "muddle-headed egg" stared at the dead fish, thinking that the little leopard was just asking casually. The little leopard couldn't help it any longer. He kicked it. Usually, the little leopard would kick the "muddleheaded egg" with his foot occasionally. But at that time, he was just an ordinary child, and the "muddleheaded egg" could escape with a flash. Now, however, the little leopard is very different from the past. On the one hand, he has taken "Tianshan Snow Lotus", and on the other hand, stainless steel 304 pipes ,aluminium coated tubes, he has been forced to practice for a few days by "Gambling Zun" Huang Qian. His kick is not only very fast, but also very strong. If it weren't for the arrow wound on his leg, I'm afraid the "muddle-headed egg" would be paralyzed on the spot. Rao is so, "muddle-headed egg" can also suffer a lot, he even the idea of hiding together, the calf bone has caught a small leopard's foot, only to see him almost kneel down in pain, humming Qing up. Apologically, he picked up the "muddle-headed egg" and the little leopard said, "You.. Are you a ***ing dead man? Why don't you know how to hide? The "muddle-headed egg" was so painful that his facial features were all wrinkled together. He was sweating like rain and hummed, "Little.. Ancestor, you.. This kick of yours.. Come quickly, although I guard against … Guard against it, but still. Still can't hide. "" Only then did the little leopard remember that he was not what he used to be. "Well, don't hum," he said. "Tell me what happened. Why are all the people with six dice.." All run away? The "muddle-headed man" didn't dare to dawdle any more. He also knew that this little master, who had always been difficult to wait on, was a hothead. He couldn't stand a few more kicks from him. So he said, "Do you know that the'Six Dice 'made the'Six Harmony Hall' set up a gambling game with you and that girl from the East?" "Of course I know. We planned all this. So what?" The little leopard frowned. Oh, my mother, this.. This is still you. You planned it? The "muddle-headed egg" was startled and jumped up regardless of the pain in his leg. 'What's The matter? What's all the fuss about? Gambling, tapping, 'A'? There's no such thing in any place. You look like someone robbed your wife. The little leopard said strangely. Small Little ancestor, you.. Keep your voice down. The "muddle-headed man" knew that there was no one around in the middle of the night, but he couldn't help looking around. Then he pulled the little leopard and whispered, "Do you know how many people have invested all their belongings for this financial Bureau? Do you know how many people bought you to win alone in the end? So what? What's it to me? The little leopard could not touch the edge. Swallowing a mouthful of thick phlegm, the "muddleheaded egg" went on to say, "It is said that the final offer is twenty to one. That is to say, the number of people who bet on you is twenty times more than the number of people who bet on Japanese girls. You only know how to gamble all day long. Do you know the rules of opening a gambling stall?" "Stop prattling and go on." The little leopard had gradually felt that there seemed to be something wrong with the matter, and that it was all related to the gambling game, and his face was a little dignified. Sighed, "muddle-headed" and said: "Like this kind of gambling, in fact, the head of the village should be sure to make no loss. No matter which side wins, he will smoke. The bad thing is that the'six grains are scattered 'and he will' A 'the game. He should not leave the game again." "Yes, this is also our idea, in order to stir up this gambling game, I asked Mr. Huang to come off." Of course the little leopard understood the first half of the story, he added. As soon as pats the forehead, "muddleheaded egg" nearly faints, he hoarsely way: "What? This Is this your bad idea again? My God, do you know how much money you have to pay for the six dice? "Compensation?"? Why should I pay for it? The game hasn't started yet. Why should I pay? The little leopard stared. Alas,stainless steel tube 304, so I say that although you are good at gambling and slippery at gambling, the "A" field and the gamblers are two different things. Do you know that the rule of the "A" field like this is that if you don't start within half a day, the banker will lose all the bets? 。