All kinds of tender voice-Yan Xingyun's voice, he chased me here, saw me sitting quietly on the eaves, he also followed up! I turned to him in disbelief. "Is that you?" He stood a few steps away from me, facing my face. He pursed his lips uncomfortably and said, "I'm sorry.." "What?" I sat looking up at his weirdness, and I thought of one thing, "You mean.." Did you treat me as a shameful prostitute in the brothel before? "You are not!" "I'm not!"! Why do you frighten me so loudly? I clenched my fist and clenched the black mark on my hand-it was baffling! Every time I was out of my mind for him, I brought great pain to myself! Who shall I go to settle this account? Yan Xingyun stammered, "I.." I didn't mean to scare you. I just want to ask Mrs. Tang one thing. "Ask." My tone is cold-get out of my way after asking, don't block me from feeling sorry for myself! "I would like to ask." Madam's maiden name. "Does it matter to you?" "Yes!"! Has Madame been wounded? Has she lost her memory? "It's none of your business if I get hurt!" Yan Xingyun was stunned when he heard my dirty words. Instead of being angry, he smiled with relief. He continued to ask: "Sunflower water every month.." Do you still have a pain in your stomach? "You are sick!"! What does my sunflower water have to do with you? "I did that to you!" "I told you it had nothing to do with you!" I could not sit still, stood up, a few steps away-is the body of Yan Xingyun. We stand in the evening breeze,side impact beams, the night is dark, the wind is high, and the moon is full! I am impatient: "Yan Dart head!"! You ask too many questions. How many things are there? My Sunflower Water Is None of Your Business (3) "Red Snow." He couldn't help calling out my name! "I am not Yin Hongxue!" "Red Snow-" I am Tang Ran's wife! It's the mother of the Tang family! I reminded him of who I am now. Aggressively, he said, "Red Snow.." Ture Is that you? I sneer,aluminium coated steel tube, I hum, my eyes are covered with mist. I didn't expect him to show up. He was already out of the game! I told myself to draw a line with him, and now.. Yan Xingyun himself came into my circle again, and he came to recognize me. Although, I don't know how he recognized me. Yan Xingyun's voice was hoarse, and he suppressed his joy and joy. "Red Snow, do you know I'm looking for you?" "What do you want from me?"? And see how ugly I am? "I never thought you were ugly!" "Is that to find me a good husband and marry me off?" "Yin Hongxue!" He interrupted me in a huff! Yan Xingyun was very angry. He approached me. He raised his hand to grab my shoulder. I quickly flashed away from him. Because of this avoidance, he was even more angry. "Why are you avoiding me?"! Tell me — what did I do wrong? Why did you leave without saying goodbye! I looked for you everywhere, day and night, from the Central Plains to Miaojiang, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,beam impact tubes, and from Miaojiang to Dali, I almost searched all the places you could go, but I still couldn't find you! Joke, what do you want from me? You have Bai Ruolan! You have a sister! Are you still married to Bai Ruolan? Am I a smelly girl caught in the middle of you as a scum? You know my heart! What did you give me? Is it great to find someone? You keep looking for me and still have time to make Bai Ruolan pregnant! Yan Xingyun, you are so awesome! Just because Ruolan, you carried me on your back? You got married-you actually married into Tangmen-you changed your appearance, you don't want to recognize me? You're not going to recognize a poor boy like me because your position has changed now? Am I supposed to stay with you and look at your face? You don't even like me! You only have Bai Ruolan in your heart! "That's responsibility." Red snow, I was wrong, I am only a guilt and responsibility to Ruolan, I like you-red snow, I like you! It's not her! Handsome Lover's Request for Upside Down (1) "Go lie to the devil!"! You like the old me? Like that face? Aren't you afraid you'll throw up if you have sex with me? We argued loudly and drove each other to a dead end. Yan Xingyun's heart is the weakest, I forced him to hide, he said he liked me, he said his heart. I mentioned my previous appearance again, but Yan Xingyun smiled. He asked me, "Red Snow, besides me, how many men in the world are willing to look at your real face?"? Does Tang Ran count? When you are around him, does he like the real you? Is he not for your beauty? "So what if he married me because he liked my face?" Red Snow, come back to me. Whether you are ugly or beautiful-I will not abandon you. Don't you think it's too late to say that? I chuckled, "Yan Xingyun, it's too late, too late." "Not too late!"! We love each other, why can't we be together?! "Because you married Bai Ruolan-this is an irreparable situation." He smiled contemptuously. "Ruolan.." Ruolan again, just because of a Ruolan, don't you want to come back to me? "Yes!"! I'm jealous of her! I hate her! I hate you-I use my red vine to give you gold, you use my heart to save your old lover! It would be you! What would you think! Have you ever told me the existence of Bai Ruolan? You are duplicitous-do you still remember that in the city of Dali, you used your body to shield me from the rain, and you broke my dream! You told me not to like you! But you ask yourself, did you do it yourself? You left me a fantasy. Why didn't you tell me you had a fiancee? I angrily listed the evidence of his guilt! Liar! You tricked me into doing so many foolish things for you! You and your family are free, and I am trapped in an unrequited love! Have you ever thought how sad my heart is?! You saved Bai Ruolan, I have no red vine-I thought I was doomed to be an ugly woman all my life, but I am not reconciled! I want the red vine,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, I want to get back everything I lost, and I want to get back everything you cheated from me! I made it I approached him and leaned close to him-like a ghost in the night, domineering and arrogant. Handsome lover asks to stick upside down (2).