Yes, it is, isn't it? Ask and you will know. But if it's true, then why did Xu Yi hide it? For the first time, the man found that he didn't know any of the pure people around him. Back home, he did not ask Xu Yi for the first time, but asked other people about Xu Yi's recent movements. Naturally, I learned that Xu Yi had just seen Xu yuan, and when he came back, his mood was very wrong. Even if he did not ask, he knew that even if the wish was not her sister, it must have something to do with it. He did not ask Xu Yi, but sent someone to check. He trusts his own judgment and his sources. The best potion is real, and making a wish is the person who refines the best potion. Although he had not seen this with his own eyes, he did not think that the Bai family and the Long family would be foolish enough to pull such a lie that could be broken by a poke. Then, what Ji Huairou said may be false. But when she said that, she was too serious to look fake. Plus Xu Yi's behavior. He couldn't judge for a moment. Did Ji Huairou make a mistake, or was she lying to him. And now, he is not sure, if he asked Xu Yi, she said will not be true. After all, when he asked her if she had a family, she had said that she did have a sister, but she was dead. So he decided that instead of listening to them and affecting his judgment, it would be better to check and speak with facts. As for Ji Huairou's challenge to make a wish, he decided to look on coldly first. Ji Huairou's talent is good, but she is not the only one. Xu Yi's talent is no worse than hers. She just lacks resources and more opportunities. And Ji Huairou is still a member of the dragon family, even if she is now his person, but her behavior, in fact, is betrayal. Without the existence of feelings that affect judgment, the man at this time is still very calm and rational. If he chooses between the two, he will naturally choose Xu Yi. Xu Yi had the grace to save his life, and it was he who trained him. And now, Ji Huairou has offended Xu yuan, and even offended the Dragon family. So at least for now, he will keep his distance from her. An excellent alchemist, he can't afford to offend. A dragon family, he can't afford to offend. That Long yuanyi, he can't afford to offend either. Long yuanyi was so angry that he was angry at the nonsense of those people outside. There's nothing to be angry about. After two days, the fact will hit you in the face. Everything they say now has to be swallowed back by themselves. Make a wish pacify: "You should be angry really however, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet price, let a person remember those words are not pleasant to hear, later these people come to beg medicine, do not give all went." Long yuan's eyes lit up. "That's a good idea." Also do not wait later, directly let people go to those crowd gathering places, write down the names of those people. Not only did those people come to ask for medicine and not give it, but also their families and families came to ask for medicine and did not give it. After doing this, Long yuanyi was in a better mood. Make-a-wish takes the conversation elsewhere: "Is your candidate ready?" "What is there to choose from?" Long yuanyi didn't take it to heart at all. His selection has always been to let the candidates rank from high to low according to their strength, and he can choose the top few. Have you chosen a medicine man? "I brought one." Long yuan said that although she had a high level of medicine refining, he was reluctant to let her take charge of the whole team's medicine alone. It's too hard. Bring one of your dragon alchemists. She took a little, taught a little, and trained a useful alchemist for the dragon family. The dragon family is his family anyway, and naturally the stronger the better. Long yuanyi immediately understood what she meant and was happy that she was thinking of him. So I immediately went to arrange. The author has something to say: Good night. Chapter 21 The time for the challenge is coming soon, and the place is the Alchemist's Guild in Qingdi City. Alchemists always come to the guild to identify the level, so there are ready-made alchemy rooms, many of them. Also, they may be set to be open to that outside. The four walls became transparent for others to look on. This is to ensure the fairness, openness and fairness of the competition. On this day, many people who could enter came. The two rooms are next to each other, so people can see the two people who are refining medicine in them at the same time. Although he had come to buy and sell things, he had never seen the alchemy room here, nor had he identified his alchemist level. Therefore, she came earlier. But unexpectedly, Ji Huairou came earlier than her. There were a lot of people at the scene, the president of the Alchemist Association, two vice presidents, and some famous, some famous alchemists, who occupied the first circle. He is also the judge of the competition. The second circle is the people of various forces, in fact, they are also curious about whether Make-A-Wish is the best alchemist. So they want to witness this fact. If so, that's the best. Many people need the best potions, but there is no way to buy them. It's not that we can't afford it, but that there is no one in the market. They want her to be, so they can at least have a place to buy. Those in the back are basically just watching the fun. When the wish arrived, Ji Huairou was talking to the vice president of the guild. According to Long yuanyi, Ji Huairou had studied with the vice president for a period of time and almost worshipped her as a teacher. Later, although they did not worship her as a teacher, their relationship was very close. You're here at last. I thought you'd be afraid to come. Seeing the wish, Ji Huairou walked away from the vice president and came to her. Make-A-Wish chuckles. "I'm never afraid of any challenge." "I hope you can be so strong when you lose." She raised her slender neck. "I made the challenge order, so it's up to you to decide how to compare." This gesture is very high. You're welcome to make a wish. She wins anyway. In that case, then refine the fifth level potion. Any level five potion will do. At this time, they were saying this outside the medicine refining room, that is, in front of many people. As a result,collapsible pallet box, her words caused an uproar in the audience. Not to mention whether they are the best alchemists or not, there are not many five-level alchemists. Whatever it is, it's always harder to go up. Such a young five-level alchemist is amazing enough.