Today seems to be some kind of strong magnetic interference, all the radio programs can not be received, and finally found a normal frequency to receive. Yang Dan said strangely, "I listen to the radio every day. Why haven't I heard this program?"? That's very generous. A prize of one million yuan. Zhou Shanshan said to Yang Dan, "Boss, why don't we try to make a phone call?" yuan Xuan said, "I'm good at guessing riddles. If you want to make a phone call, hurry up. If you're late, you can't get in." Yang Dan took out his mobile phone and dialed the 12349999. The phone was connected smoothly. The director asked them to wait for a while. After waiting for a few minutes, the voice of m came from the phone: "Hello, this friend. Your phone has been connected to the live broadcast room. What's your name?" Yang Dan three people a surprise, this is the first time and the radio anchor direct conversation, vanity has been a great degree of satisfaction, home at night when the frightened mood also returned to normal. Yang Dan replied, "Hello, my surname is Yang. I'm calling with two of my friends. One of them is yuan and the other is Zhou." "Miss Yang and your two friends, you are very lucky to be the second hotline to be connected to the live broadcast room today. Just now, a friend got through before you, but unfortunately, he only answered two questions correctly,plastic pallet manufacturer," m said. How's it going? Are you sure? The wisdom of three people adds up to a powerful energy. I have a feeling that the bonus will belong to you this time. Good luck. You have three minutes to think about each riddle. Are you ready? Unexpectedly, the first two questions were too easy, a brain teaser question that yuan Xuan had said too much in high school and answered quickly. The second question was a word puzzle, slightly more difficult than the first one, but Yang Dan happened to know the answer and answered it smoothly. Yang Dan and others did not expect to answer so easily, and the prize of one million yuan was close at hand, everyone began to beat faster, palms sweating,plastic pallet suppliers, as long as one more question was answered correctly. yuan Xuan even imagined that each person would get one third of the bonus and the rest of the money would be used to eat together. At this time, m, the anchor of the radio station, praised the three of them: "you are really great. You are in good condition. You have already answered two questions correctly. As long as you answer the third question correctly and complete a designated task, you can get a special bonus of 1 million yuan.". Now it's up to you. Go all out and finish the third question. Yang Dan closed his eyes and began to pray, the third question must be very difficult, after all, it is a million yuan ah, will not be so easy to get. As soon as this question came out, three people were confused. Not to mention that they had seen the movie, they had never heard of it, but time was limited, so they could only discuss the answer quickly. yuan Xuan said, "I think it's a Japanese movie. Japan has the most perverts. It must be." "I don't know, ibc spill containment pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer," Yang said. "I seldom watch movies, but I think it looks like an American movie because m is an English letter." "English is also used in Britain, maybe in British movies," yuan said. Oh, I should have seen more movies. Two minutes had passed, and m kept urging them to answer. Zhou Shanshan has not interrupted, she knows her own level, neither as ingenious as yuan Xuan, nor has the ability to think independently like Yang Dan. Finally, Yang Dan said, "Let's just be confused. Shanshan, you can be confused. Your luck has always been good." yuan Xuan also said, "Yes, you can take a chance. If you are wrong, it doesn't matter. It means that the three of us are not rich and noble." There were only a few seconds left, and if she didn't answer again, she would abstain. Zhou Shanshan's mind was blank, so she had to say an answer at random. After that, she didn't even remember what she had just answered. Www-xiaoshuot xt-c o mt, xt, Xiao, Shuo Tian, Tang Ninth words: Fright on the way The three girls hugged each other and screamed and cheered. Zhou Shanshan cried with joy and cried on Yang Dan. I don't know whether it was because of excitement or because of the psychological pressure when she answered the question just now. Because of the power failure, there was only the dim light of the candle in the room, and m's voice suddenly became eerie. He said mysteriously, "You have answered three questions correctly, and you have almost touched the one million yuan prize.". But don't celebrate yet, you still need to complete a designated task before you can pass it completely. The three questions just now test your wisdom, and the final task is to test your courage. Before twelve o'clock tomorrow evening, you have to find the morgue of the First People's Hospital according to the address. In the No.7 morgue cabinet, there is an unclaimed unknown female corpse. In her hand, there is a piece of paper with a telephone number. If you dial this telephone number, you can get a prize of one million yuan. The hospital has been arranged by our staff, and you will not be hindered. As soon as this remark was made, it was like pouring cold water on the head. The excitement just now disappeared. Fear and disappointment stimulated the cerebral cortex of the three girls. The final task was too difficult for them. And m said, What's the matter? A little scared? No need to be so nervous, compared to the huge bonus, this little fear is nothing. Only those who have experienced the test are qualified to enjoy a happy life. Miss Yang, Miss Zhou, Miss yuan, please remember to bring your ID card tomorrow and make that call before twelve o'clock in the evening. I look forward to delivering the check to you personally. As the saying goes, people die for money and birds die for food. One million yuan is undoubtedly a great temptation for three young girls from small southern cities. Even if they pay taxes, each of them can get more than two hundred thousand yuan. Money may not be much, but for a girl born in an ordinary family, it is enough to change her fate in the future. Perhaps the so-called "morgue female corpse" was just dressed up by the radio staff, after all,ibc spill pallet, it was only a radio program, a show, with three people frightened to accept the award process to please the audience. This speculation should be more reasonable.