"Face?"? How much is a catty of face? The fire phoenix finally calmed down the anger and was raised up again, scolding again. All the people had no choice but to cover their ears, and even the nether world could not stand to retract into the pet space to rest. Just now she had done something beyond her ability to communicate with the dragon, and now what he needed most was rest. The dark magic dragon had to bow his head and admit his mistake again, which made the fire phoenix stop. Dead Dragon, what about the horn that Blackie borrowed from you the other day? Fire Phoenix cut to the chase. A horn? The Dark Dragon immediately became nervous. He shook his giant again and again and said, "No, when did I ask the Black Phoenix for a horn?" "Dead Dragon, when did you learn to be shameless?" The nether world came out of the pet space, and she was about to sleep when she was stimulated by the words of the dark dragon and jumped up, struggling to fly in front of the dark dragon, staring at him menacingly. A series of strange tones came from the mouth of the dark dragon. Fire phoenix also understands dragon language, listen to the word of dark demon dragon, immediately furious, open scold: "smelly dragon, have take out, say what to say?" "No!" The dark dragon shook his head decisively. He had never thought that the fire phoenix would help a man. After all, I'm in the same camp with him. Although the dragon and phoenix clans fought against each other during the war between gods and demons, the black dragon clan had always befriended the phoenix clan. What's more, he is the sub-god beast,plastic pallet crates, the fire phoenix is the God beast, no matter how to say that everyone can be regarded as the same kind, I really do not understand what the fire phoenix is thinking. Why The nether world also looked at the dark magic dragon in puzzlement, after all, the horn belongs to him, but not to him, why did he refuse so resolutely? The dark dragon shook his head,drum spill pallet, but said nothing. Magic dragon, after all, this is something of our Phoenix clan, shouldn't you. Fire Phoenix began to use the soft work. The Dark Dragon shook his head in embarrassment and said, "Boss Phoenix, it's not that I don't want to give it back to you, but.." "But what?" I felt intuitively that things were getting complicated again. Yeah, but what? The fire phoenix and the nether world were also involved. It's. Oh, I don't know what to say. As soon as the dragon's head turns, it will walk back to the weak pool again. Stop! "Almost needless to say, the purple and dragon wars have flown over the magic dragon." Want to do it? The magic dragon looked coldly at the purple and the dragon war, turned his head and looked at the fire phoenix and the nether world, as if he was measuring something. He flew to the dragon and said, "We don't want to offend the great Black Dragon.". However, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible pallet bin, the Warring States Horn is extremely important to us, and I hope the Magic Dragon can help us. After hearing the four words "Black Dragon Family", the Dark Magic Dragon obviously relaxed, turned his eyes to me, and said in harmony: "It's not that I don't want to help you, but this thing is also very important to me, and with your current strength, holding this is really a waste of its ability." The dark dragon said and turned to go again. Once again, I flew in front of the dragon and said, "But this horn is really important to us!" "Are you bored?" The dark dragon was so angry that he opened his mouth and exhaled a black dragon breath. He just wanted to shock me, so he was not fast enough to fly sideways and avoid the attack of the dragon's breath. The dragon's breath did not stop, but went straight to the guild alliance players running behind him. Where the dragon's breath passes, all the players who meet head-on disappear without a trace in an instant, as if they did not exist in the world. The attack of Dragon's Breath is not what ordinary players can bear. Influenced by the dragon's breath, the blood-colored Shura's fighting spirit dispersed, and behind it, the fighting spirit of one purple and one gold also dispersed. Volume II Shura Troubled Times Chapter 56 Dark Magic Dragon (Part Two) (Updated: 2006-6-22 1:37:00 Words in this chapter: 3231) Please pay attention to VIP friends. From tomorrow to the end of this week, it will continue to lift the ban of one chapter of five thousand words a day. That is to say, the public edition will update two chapters of five thousand words, one chapter in the morning and one chapter in the afternoon. Please pay attention to VIP friends so as not to waste your money. [Essence] The book looks good, but the hero's connection between the game and reality looks a little awkward. Originally, he was looking for a game to cure his illness, but the game became his fate. It looks a little strange. < 6-21 20:28 > Answer: Oh, the mixture with reality is really the original setting of this book, so there will be very few reality behind, is a pure game of online games novel. As for the game becoming his destiny, please stay tuned, and there will be a satisfactory answer in the third volume. A Shura clan, a Demon clan, and a Dragon clan? The dark dragon's eyes swept over the three of us one by one and sneered, "No wonder you dare to come here and run wild.". I just don't know if your strength can be scattered in front of me! As soon as the voice of the dark dragon fell, the long tail of the dragon rolled up to the dragon battle without a sound. He separated himself from the Dragon Clan and set up his own business. Of course, he didn't want to see the people of the Dragon Clan. As for Shura and the Demons, there is more or less a bit of origin, he did not want to kill the pain. Dragon war has long been ready, the wings of the dragon a fan, rolled up a stream of air, with the help of strength not down but up, flying high up, dodging the attack of the dark dragon, broken sword backhand sweep out, just to meet the tail of the dragon, although only barely break through the physical defense of the dragon, but also let him eat pain unceasingly,plastic bulk containers, look up and send out a loud roar, quickly speed up the body. The front paws clawed wildly to the dragon battle, and the shining claws flashed with a chilling light. binpallet.com