"You can explain it in this way, but the biggest reason is that there are too many uncertainties to say at this stage.". After all, it has been nearly 18 years since the relevant case. "Eighteen years." Imagine in your mind the length of time the word represents. What happened in such a distant past? What kind of case is this 18 years ago? Can't that be revealed? There was hesitation on the face of the experienced policeman. A few seconds later, he blinked and replied, "Murder." Yicheng straightened his back and exhaled a long breath. Who was killed? "I can't tell you." Sasagaki spread out his hands. This case and her.. Is it related to Miss Tang Ze Xue Sui? "I can only say now that she may be the key person." "But." Yicheng discovered an important thing, "Eighteen years, the time limit for murder has passed." "Yes." "But you are still pursuing it?" The policeman picked up the cigarette case, reached into his finger and pulled out a second cigarette. When did the first one go out? I didn't realize it. Sasagaki lit a cigarette with a lighter, much slower than when he lit the first one, even if it was deliberate. It's like a novel. The story began eighteen years ago, but it is not over yet. If you want to end, you have to go back to the beginning. That's about it. "Would you please tell me the whole story?" "Not yet," Sasagaki laughed, and smoke came out of his mouth. "There's not enough time to talk about these eighteen years." "Well, could you please tell me next time?"? When you are free. "All right." The policeman met his eyes,plastic pallet suppliers, smoked and nodded, and his expression had returned to his previous seriousness. "Next time, find time to talk slowly." Yicheng wanted to take the teacup, but when he found it empty, he withdrew his hand and saw that the tea in the chain wall had been drunk up. I'll ask them to pour tea again. No, that's not necessary. Mr. Shinozuka,collapsible pallet box, would it be convenient for me to ask a few questions? "What problem?" "I would like you to tell me the real reason why you entrusted Mr. Imaeda to investigate Miss Tang Ze Xuesui." You already know that. There is nothing true or false. "It's very common for relatives to investigate each other's background when they are considering marriage." "It is indeed common, especially for people like Mr. Shinozuka's cousins who have to inherit a huge family business.". However, if the commission is from the parents, I can understand, but my cousin hired a detective to investigate privately, but I have never heard of it. "Even so, there's nothing wrong with that, is there?" "There are still some things that don't make sense.". Speaking of, your investigation of Tang Ze Xue Sui is very strange in itself. You and Mr. Takamiya are old friends, and she is the ex-wife of your old friend. Even longer ago, I heard that you were practicing together in the social dance club of the university. That is to say, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet crates, without investigation, you should already have a considerable degree of understanding of Tang Ze Xuesui, why should you hire a detective? Sasagaki's tone of voice rose a lot unconsciously, and Yicheng could not help but congratulate himself on choosing this place. Just now, when I mentioned her, I didn't call her by name. Sasagaki, as if confirming a reaction, said slowly, "But how about that?"? Mr. Shinozuka, you don't find anything unnatural, do you? I don't think it sounds strange to your ears. I don't know.. What did you say? I didn't notice. You shouldn't mind calling her by her first name. As for the reason, Mr. Shinozuka, because you yourself are the same. As he spoke, Sasagaki patted his bag. "Do you want to listen to the tape again?"? That's what you said: What happened to the investigation of Tang Ze Xuesui? Please contact me. Yicheng wanted to explain, because she used to be a school girl in the club, and that was a habit, but Sasagaki spoke before he spoke: "There is an indescribable high alert in your tone with your name.". To tell you the truth, when I heard this recording, I recognized it at once. This is the intuition of the police. I thought at that time that it was necessary to talk to Mr. Shinozuka. The policeman put out a second cigarette in the ashtray. Then he leaned forward and put his hands on the tea table. "Please tell me the truth. What is the real purpose of your entrusting Mr. Imaeda to investigate?" Sasagaki's eyes are still sharp, but there is no sense of coercion, and even a sense of tolerance. I mean, maybe that's what he used when he came face to face with the suspect in the interrogation room. Moreover, Yicheng understood that this was the main purpose of the policeman's visit to him today, and that it didn't matter who Tang Ze Xuesui was going to marry. Mr. Sasagaki, you're only half right. "Oh," Sasagaki pursed his lips. "Then I want to ask the wrong part first." I commissioned Mr. Imaeda to investigate her purely for the sake of my cousin. If my cousin doesn't want to marry her, I have no interest in what kind of woman she is and what kind of life she has spent. "Oh.". So, part of what I'm saying is.. "I'm really wary of her." "Ha ha!" Sasagaki leaned back on the sofa and stared at Yicheng. "Why?" "Extremely subjective and vague, okay?" "Never mind, I like the vagueness best." Sakagaki smiled. Issei told Sasagaki almost intact the explanation he had made when he entrusted Imaeda. For example, in terms of money, he felt that there was an invisible force behind Tang Ze Xuesui, and he had an impression of her, feeling that people around her would suffer some misfortune. Yicheng said, thinking that these ideas were both subjective and vague, but Sasagaki smoked a third cigarette and listened carefully. I understand what you said. Thank you Sasagaki put out the cigarette in his hand and bowed his head in greeting. Don't you think this is a silly delusion? "Where is it?" Sasagaki waved as if to drive something away. "To be honest,secondary containment pallet, I was surprised that Mr. Shinozuka saw it so thoroughly.". It's amazing that you have such a vision at such a young age. "Thorough.." Do you think so? "Yes," Sasagaki nodded, "you see through the essence of the woman Tang Ze Xue Sui. Most people don't have such good eyesight as you. Even I can't see anything at all for a long time. 。 binpallet.com