While some couples wear their wedding bands in Ottawa Ontario on the third finger of their left hand as tradition, most couples nowadays are looking for new and creative ways to wear their bands.


A lot of couples are ditching tradition and choosing different ways to showcase their love and devotion that suits their style and personality preferences.


Stacking your bands

If you love stacking your men’s wedding rings in Ottawa Ontario then you can simply invest in more than one wedding band and layer it on both sides of your engagement ring. This allows you to stack your bands for the ultimate look.


You can even stack two bands on either side of your ring or wear some on one finger and some on the other one. Some couples choose gemstone bands to stack that offer a stunning appeal.


Wear it as a necklace

If you tend to be active, outgoing, or work a lot with your hands then you can even invest in a necklace and slip your wedding rings in Ottawa, Ontario on it and wear it around your neck. This keeps your band safe and secure and allows you to take part in any activity you want.


Look for chains that are made from cobalt, platinum, titanium, or even yellow gold as they are durable, tough, and can easily take on daily wear and tear without breaking, scratching, or chipping.


Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal choice and a lot of couples simply choose to opt out of an engagement ring or only wear it for special occasions.


You can also choose matching watches, bracelets, and pieces that you can wear daily and have them engraved with a date or a special message.