Can you please start by sharing with us some background information about Oculeus?

We position Oculeus as an innovative provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our solutions help our customers build efficient network operations and maintain profitable businesses. To achieve this, our products utilize AI-driven technologies and include extensive automation tools.We have a well-established customer base around the world that includes telecommunications service providers, network operators, and other providers of voice and messaging services.

We are proud to say that a majority of our customers consider Oculeus to be a strategic technology partner in the success of their businesses.

Can you describe how Oculeus has grown as a company in recent years?

In recent years, Oculeus has matured into a global company.

Take, for example, our customer base. We have grown our customer numbers to well over 100 ongoing organizational users. We have customers in a range of telecoms verticals from the smallest Tier 3 network operators to the largest Tier 1 service providers.

Our product portfolio is another area that has expanded significantly. For many years, our flagship product has been a telecoms wholesale management system. We originally developed this product for voice services and then expanded it to support SMS services.

We recently upgraded this offering to include next-generation Cloud capabilities and have already rolled it out for many of our long-standing customers. We also have strategic plans to offer solutions for retail voice and MVNO services.

Telecoms fraud prevention is another strategic growth area for our company. We have developed an innovative approach that leverages AI and automation to deliver a solution to an ongoing problem that is costing telcos and their customers millions of dollars in financial damage each and every year.

What challenges does Oculeus solve for your customers?

This question we can answer in one sentence: Oculeus helps our service provider and network operator customers establish and maintain efficient network and business operations. The ongoing feedback we receive from our customers is that we offer a solution that is both highly technical and very “business-friendly”.

Many of our early customers were providers of wholesale telecommunications services. For these customers – many of which are still with us today after so many years – we replaced cumbersome manual processes with highly automated workflows. Many of these customers are managing their businesses with nothing more than our software and a series of switches.

The automation we provide in our software helps many of our telco customers keep their voice and messaging business lines relevant and profitable.

AI is another technology that we are applying that helps our customers meet this challenge, especially in the area of preventing telecom fraud.

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