When the and square off in a few hours on Monday night, they'll both have an extra opponent to contend with, and likely for the entire four quarters of football. Mother Nature is scheduled to make an appearance in Seattle, and that could make things very difficult for and for in the absence of . There's currently a 77 Giancarlo Stanton Jersey % chance of rain when things get underway at 8:15 p.m. ET (5:15 p.m. local time), per , and that's not all.With wind gusts predicted to go as high as 17 mph and sustain at roughly 14-15 mph throughout the game, throwing the ball might prove difficult. Additionally, while the chance of rain is expected to drop from kickoff onward, it'll remain between Bernie Williams Jersey 50-60% until late evening.To get a fairly recent idea of what the Seahawks and Saints might be up against, look no further than Sunday evening, when the and gave it their best go in inclement weather. It's the same storm system that's impacting the Pacific Northwest, so Winston and Smith better plan accordingly. The Reggie Jackson Jersey latter has more pre sure to perform on Monday night, however, considering the Seahawks at sitting at 2-4 in a super-competitive NFC West and risk falling too far behind the eight ball if they continue to lose games. For the Saints, it's all about building on a 3-2 start to help keep themselves in striking distance atop the NFC South, as the do their best to run away with the division. It's a pivotal conference matchup at Matt Holliday Jersey Lumen Field in Week 7, and one so intriguing Mother Nature has decided to come off of the sideline for it.The good news for Monday night's game is that the forecast Jacoby Ellsbury Jersey for San Francisco on Sunday night was a 100% chance of rain throughout, so at least there is a chance that Seattle won't be nearly as wet. The new NFL season is here! Win or lose, you can shop jerseys, shirts, hats, and much more to support your favorite team. .