Nick Sirianni has admitted he's going to tailor the offense to each player's strengths, an excellent sign for and the numerous running backs at his disposal. One of the aspects the Eagles are working on with Hurts is his ability to read a defense, which is why Sirianni is installing RPOs in the offense this year."Yeah, RPOs are a part of the offense and part of the puzzle to our offense," Sirianni said prior to Sunday's Eagles training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field. "Really just see how much it benefits your offense because you're able to read a player instead of block a player, right?"That's a great thing to be able to do, like 'Hey, Chris Sabo Jersey I don't have to block him. What did he do? Did Joe Morgan Jersey he take a drop? Alright, good, I'm handing it off. Did he knife it? Good, I'm pulling it and taking it and throwing the ball.'"So, a big part of it, what we do yeah, it's a piece of the puzzle of what we do, and we're just continuing to grow in it." Sirianni doesn't have an extensive history in the run-pa s option, but has plenty of coaches that are helping him along the way.The Eagles ran the most RPOs in the NFL in the 2017 season, specifically in the magical postseason run to the Super Bowl title with -- so fans are more than familiar with the concept. In a RPO, the offensive linemen run block the entire time while the quarterback makes a decision pre or post-snap to run or throw the football. Sirianni was introduced to the concept late in 2017 with the , then became even more familiar with it as the offensive coordinator of the . While Sirianni admitted he' Nick Senzel Jersey s still learning all aspects with the RPOs, he has plenty of coaches with an extensive history of them -- pa sing game coordinator Kevin Patullo is one of them."To be honest with you one of the reasons why we hired Kevin in Indianapolis was because his experience (in RPOs)," Sirianni said. "Frank (Reich) had just come off of the Philly teams of having a lot of experience, or having a lot of succe s with RPOs, Cincinnati Reds Jersey and Kevin was in college the year before at Texas A&M, and he came and talked to us, and we were like, 'Yes, we like this stuff.' So, we brought him to Indianapolis. That's one reason why we did that."Eagles quarterbacks coach and tight ends coach Jason Michael are other members of Sirianni's staff that are helping him with RPOs -- another reason why Philadelphia is making the concept an important part of the offense. "I'm so lucky on this staff that we have Jason, who's called plays in the NFL for , and we know how Marcus ran with the football," Sirianni said. "Brian, who's been an offensive coordinator, Shane (Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen), Kevin's got a lot of experience helping call games and everything like that."Just that great offensive staff that we have right there with a lot of experience and a lot of experience with the run/pa s options on that staff as well."The use of RPOs will be exciting with Hurts and his ability to extend the play with his legs (a suming he chooses the pa s option in the RPO). There's a reason why Sirianni and the coaching staff are Luis Castillo Jersey determined to get Hurts' footwork and decision making down this summer.