Introducing two leading tractor brands in India, Escort and Digitrac, renowned for their innovation, reliability, and performance. This micro-blog explores two popular tractor models from these brands, showcasing their features and benefits for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts.

Featuring: Escort and Digitrac Tractor Models

Escorts Steeltrac-

The Escorts Steeltrac tractor is a robust and versatile 18 HP model designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers. With a range of power options and advanced features, this tractor offers exceptional performance and efficiency. It boasts manual steering and dry disc brakes and is equipped with a powerful engine, providing the necessary power to handle various agricultural tasks. In addition, the Steeltrac offers comfortable seating, easy-to-use controls, and a 450 kg lifting capacity ensuring smooth operations in the field. Escort Mini Tractor Price ranges from Rs. 2.60 lakhs to Rs. 2.90 making it an attractive choice for farmers looking for an affordable farming solution.

Digitrac PP 43i-

The Digitrac PP 43i tractor is a high-performance machine built to deliver exceptional results in the field. Powered by a technologically advanced engine, this 47 HP tractor offers impressive power and torque, enabling it to handle heavy-duty tasks easily. In addition, it has advanced features like balanced power steering, oil-immersed brakes, and efficient 2000 kg hydraulic capacity, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. This Digitrac tractor also offers excellent comfort and convenience for the operator, with a spacious cabin, ergonomic controls, and adjustable seating. This new tractor price lies around Rs. 6.34 lakhs. Its performance and features provide great value, making it a worthy investment for farmers seeking a powerful and reliable farming companion.

In conclusion, Escort and Digitrac offer a range of tractor models catering to different farming needs, providing farmers with reliable and efficient solutions for their agricultural operations.