When doing numerous duties effectively and affordably on small or medium-sized farms, mini tractors are a terrific option for farmers. They are compact, adaptable, fuel-efficient, and simple to maintain. They can plough, till, sow, harrow, spray and haul with different attachments. 

In this micro-blog, we will tell you about the top two best-selling mini tractors in India that have won the hearts of many farmers. These are Force Orchard DLX LT and Powertrac Euro G28. Read on to learn more about these mini tractors and why you should buy them for your farm.

Featuring: Force and Powertrac Mini Tractor Models

Force Orchard DLX LT-

The Force Orchard DLX LT is a versatile and compact tractor model for orchards and vineyards. It has a 12-speed transmission and a 27-horsepower engine, enabling it to handle various chores. The tractor's lift capability of 1000 kg makes it appropriate for small-scale farming operations. Furthermore, it's small size and short turning radius make it easier to maneuver in confined situations. The Force Orchard DLX LT also features a comfortable operator's platform and easy-to-use controls. Lastly, this tractor model lies between Rs. 5.28 lakhs to Rs. 5.45 lakhs and is an excellent choice for farmers looking for an efficient machine for their orchard or vineyard.

Powertrac Euro G28-

Powertrac Euro G28 is a 28-horsepower tractor model from the Indian tractor manufacturer, Powertrac. It has a 3-cylinder engine that produces high torque for efficient performance in farming applications. The tractor comes with a 6-spline type PTO with a speed of 540 RPM and a lifting capacity of 750 kg. Powertrac Euro G28 has a comfortable operator station and seat with power steering, making it easy to operate for long hours. It is also equipped with a dry-type air filter and oil-immersed brakes for better performance and durability. The price of a Powertrac Euro G28 tractor in India starts from around Rs. 5.19 lakhs up to Rs. 5.62 lakhs.

Lastly, these two mini tractors from Force and Powertrac have excellent features, performance and price that make them stand out. To know more about tractor news, reviews, sales reports, Apollo, CEAT or BKT Tractor Tyre, visit Tractor Guru.