Artificial intelligence methods for software testing are becoming increasingly popular as the complexity of modern software systems grows. AI-driven testing can be used to help automate the testing process and make it more efficient. AI-driven testing can also help reduce the number of false positives and identify potential issues earlier in the process.

The most common artificial intelligence methods in software testing

methods include:

  1. Automated Test Generation: This method uses AI algorithms to generate test cases automatically. This can be used to quickly generate test cases for a given set of requirements and conditions, reducing the amount of time required to manually create tests.
  2. Model-Based Testing: AI algorithms can be used to create models of the system under test, which can then be used to generate test cases. This approach can help identify potential issues before they become problems in the real world.
  3. Automated Test Execution: AI algorithms can be used to execute test cases, automatically executing them and providing feedback on their results. This can help reduce the time required to manually execute tests. Read for more :


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