Driveway services are visitors' first impression of your residential or commercial property.

Safeway Driveway Yorkshire is dedicated to providing you with superior driveway solutions. It also provides reassurance and contentment to our numerous clientele.



Resin-bonded stones are currently considered the most effective surface material for driveways, patios and walks. The surface's non-slip qualities and speedy installation make it a joy to walk on. We may entirely renovate an old block-paved driveway to create a brand-new driveway. Whether you require a parking area for a single vehicle or a large commercial parking lot, we can satisfy your surfacing needs and provide best driveway services.


Resin Bound surface is a flat, contemporary, bright, and durable pavement. This surface treatment consists of rough-textured, long-lasting pavers. This surfacing option, which combines loose gravel, is appropriate for historic places.

This surface is widely employed in the following:

  • Driveways \sPatios
  • Courtyard Seating Areas
  • Public Areas
  • Encircling the swimming pool on all sides
  • Interior Surfaces


Resin-bound surfaces are produced by combining exact amounts of resin. In addition, a unique mixer is created, which is then troweled to a smooth, stone-free surface. It is also a low-maintenance alternative for tree pits, as it is suitable for both the exterior and interior surfaces. Resin-bond surfacing is well-known as a scatter system, which adds texture and resembles loose gravel.


Block paving is an exceedingly fashionable option to cover portions of your property with a level, durable surface that is both aesthetically and financially pleasing. The most common application of block paving is the construction of driveway services. It is also an excellent option for creating a patio or paved areas in your garden as part of your garden landscape.


The blocks of block paving are put on a bed of fried sand and kept together by adjacent blocks, side restraints, and frictions caused by the sand used to fill the joints. It creates a smooth, flat, long-lasting surface appropriate for all types of landscaping.



Driveway service of Block paving is available in various patterns and hues like Buff, Red, Brindle etc.

And they can be combined to create completely unique patterns and hues to complement the surrounding landscape. Regular block paving blocks are the least expensive of several block paving designs and are the most commonly utilized style for extensive driveway services in the UK.



As experts in tarmacing, we strive to provide our customers with an excellent finish. A knowledgeable and hospitable staff can meet your requirements for asphalt and tarmac driveway services of all forms and sizes.


Tarmac driveway service  is one of the most preferred materials for driveways and walkways, and some of the most important reasons for this are as follows;

  • Durable
  • Long life spent
  • Smooth and attractive
  • Resilient


If you seek the ideal driveway, a complete car park resurfacing, or a road surface, Border Surfacing offers tarmac and asphalt of the highest quality, procured solely from the best sources. Feel free to contact and get additional information about residential asphalt surfaces.



The use of cobblestones to cover portions of your property with a level, durable surface that is attractive to both the eye and the wallet is fashionable and vintage. It is also an excellent way to create a patio or paved areas in your garden as part of your garden's landscape design.


Driveway services of cobblestones are superior because cobbles are big, irregularly shaped stones that the rolling action of the ocean or a river has sculpted. Similar to gravel but far more prominent, cobbles are also known as duck stones and river stones.


Cobblestones are available in three distinct block sizes, giving them a completely unique appearance compared to regular paving blocks. If you're searching for something different and enjoy the finer aspects of your home and the surrounding scenery, this may be for you!



The only thing that is definite about a cobblestone driveway service is its durability. You may be confident that the driveway will outlive you, your children, and several more generations based on the condition of the cobblestone streets that still exist throughout the United Kingdom in areas where they have been permitted to remain. It provides exceptional value for the cost.



While putting a cobblestone driveway service on your property, it is crucial to consider drainage, and we will take care of this for you.


As part of your new driveway, patio, or paved area, we ensure that your investment is protected from excessive rains and local flooding, preventing your home from being damaged or flooded due to improper drainage. Our block paving services include conventional maintenance hole covers, drainage channels, and kerbs to provide appropriate drainage and peace of mind.



Safeway Driveways Yorkshire can build and repair patios, extend patios, design and install custom patios, and develop utterly cutting-edge patio spaces at residential properties.


You can get high-quality products from Safeway Driveways Yorkshire, which are manufactured using high-quality components and provide you with durability, dependability, and excellent performance. In addition, Secure Driveways can provide you with services in Yorkshire and the places immediately surrounding it.


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