For brides who are looking for engagement rings in Ottawa, Ontario that are stunning, classic, and timeless, baguette bands are the ideal choice. These bands offer a showstopping fire and bling along with a beautiful silhouette that never truly goes out of style.


Reasons to love baguette bands

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer baguette men’s wedding rings in Ottawa, Ontario is that these rings are highly versatile and can easily pair with a range of cuts, settings, metals, and styles to suit your needs.


Baguette bands can easily suit a range of styles, whether you are looking for modern eternity bands, traditional tapered diamonds, or even three-stone vintage rings, you can easily find one to meet your needs.


Just keep in mind that showstopping baguette wedding rings in Ottawa Ontario can be too flashy and shimmery for some brides, especially for daily wear or traveling. If this is the case,  you can either choose other gemstones like rubies or diamonds that offer a low-key shimmer or just opt to wear your band and not your ring.


With baguette bands, most jewelers will advise you to choose cuts like a radiant, square, or geometric cut that makes your gemstone stand out and shine.


The cut and clarity of your gemstone are very essential since baguettes tend to have fewer facets compared to other gemstones you need to look for an excellent cut and next to no small flaws and inclusions.


If your baguette has a lot of imperfections, it can lower its shine and value in the long run.


In Conclusion

Baguettes are ideal for stacking bands and you can even opt for an enhancer ring that has two rows of diamonds that sit above and below your engagement ring for added shine and shimmer.