Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to make a website popular and increase the traffic of the website. It means website optimization with relevant keywords so that search engine can find the website contents easily when a visitor searches for those keywords. This is a technical process which you need to follow highly to make your website popular. This article will discuss some easy SEO tips which will make your website popular.

Not only keywords, visitors have the role too:

At past days only keyword based logarithms were maintained by Google. But they have taken more complex logarithms now a day, which enable the interest of readers in the listing of top websites. In fact the sites who maintain very high quality content, can easily be attracted by the visitors.

How organic search engine optimization works:

Organic search engine optimization means by this SEO optimization search engine will find your website, not due to pay per click advertisements. So it will help in increasing traffic.

Meta description:

Meta descriptions are those which are not appeared in the real content, but helps in finding the content. It's a 160 word description which is written on the gist of specific topic.

Social bookmarking;

Social bookmarking can play a vital role in website marketing. The more the website is bookmarked in various social sites and high page rank sites, the more probability to get the popularity and get more traffic.

Social networking and enables commenting on the articles:
The visitor of a website can be increased highly by social networking, that means publish it in various social raine sites web  sites. Website optimization also can be done by enable the viewer or reader to comment on the articles or content. This will increase the traffic highly.


Backlinks play a very important role in increasing web traffic. Backlink means publishing the link of your website in the relevant websites which has higher page rank than you. The more backlinks you have, the more page ranks you will have. You can buy backilnks in some cases to increase the traffic.

Content submission on free web directories like EzineArticles, goarticles, and isnare:

Contents must be submitted to free directories like EzineArticles, goarticles, and isnare; so that more viewers can get news of your website. These articles will enable more web traffic which can be customized in some more ways.

Listing the contents:

It is very important to make the listing of the contents so that viewers can get customized or specified content corner. This will enable the viewers to read articles more comfortably on that website.

Lastly you should be very sincere while backlinking and uploading contents. You also need to be updated and always update the past content. This could pave a way to optimize your website successfully.

Thus it is clear that the organic Search Engine Optimization is the best means to get a website on the top of page ranking and in the same way is the best possible means for a better opportunity to get a more profitable ranking on the search engine result pages. This on turn is the best help for a website to increase web traffic for better prospects of profit.