Hummus Market Outlook

Hummus is a popular dip used as a snack. Hummus is filled with all kinds of vital minerals and vitamins. Hummus contains several nutritious components that help in maintaining a healthy diet. Having healthy habits and good constituencies, Hummus is useful in reducing and checking blood pressure. Other complications like a fluctuation in the digestive health and weight-related problems can be checked with a properly balanced diet of Hummus. Any chances of heart diseases can be reduced by consuming the same. 

The Hummus Market size was estimated at a global share of $2.62 billion in 2020 and is expected to touch a share of $6.60 billion by 2028. There has been a stellar growth in the hummus market share rates, which was seen with a CAGR of 12.71%. 

The food products consuming Hummus Market Research in the form of dips and snacks and spread have increased due to its healthy digestive components. The rising demand for healthy snacks is well known in the form of garlic, tahini, and chickpea. Various other vegetables and fruits are well known to produce variants of the Hummus. One of the major factors contributing to the increasing consumption of Hummus is the increasing health consciousness among the consumers post the pandemic. It is consumed on a higher level because it is rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins that help with the healthy regulation of the body's metabolism. It is preferred more. Along with the body's metabolism, it also helps maintain healthy skin and dermal properties. Apart from this, its abundant availability ensures that the product is widely present in the market. 

The pandemic hugely affected the Hummus Market Insights The market faced a downfall because the food industry did not bulk its abundance during the same. Globally, people started preferring homemade food without any contact from outside, but over time the situation was rectified.

Competitive Landscape Analysis


According to the global Key Hummus Market Players report for, there is high competition across the globe. Some of the major key players are: Haliburton International Foods Inc. (California), Sabra Dipping Co. LLC (U.S.), T. Marzetti (U.S.), Tribe Mediterranean Foods Inc. (Massachusetts), Churny Company Inc. (U.S.), Cedar's Mediterranean Foods Inc. (Massachusetts), and Pita Pal Industries Inc. (Texas)

Market Segmentation

The Hummus Market Report is segmented globally based on the type and the distribution channel. 

The hummus market is segmented into the black olive, the red pepper, the roasted garlic, the white bean, and the classic type. This segmentation is widely done based on the taste of the consumers. The classic type is the most consumed one due to its gluten-free qualities. It can always be consumed as a natural appetizer. Apart from this, the market is again segmented into several stores like grocery, supermarkets, and retail stores based on the distribution channel.

Regional Analysis

The Hummus Market Overview is majorly spread into parts of North America and Europe due to the heavy consumption of nutritious food by the residents over there. The market is likely to spread over the areas of Asia-Pacific with the increasing awareness of Hummus.

Industry News

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Size 2020-2028 Hummus Market ?

 Ans: The global Hummus Market was estimated at a global share of $2.62 billion in 2020 and is further expected to touch a share of $6.60 billion by the year 2028. There has been a stellar growth in the hummus market share, and this was seen with a CAGR of 12.71%.

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