It’s a subject that great numbers of people across Europe this year have wished they didn’t need to worry about: energy bills, which have become scarily high as of late. 

Conversations about the pressures exerted on household budgets by such high energy costs have been reignited by the onset of December. In the UK, for instance, “Arctic” conditions have been reported, with many families consequently feeling the need to put up their thermostats – a decision that could mean them spending as much as £10 a day on energy. 

It should be no surprise, then, that many people around the continent have been intensifying their efforts to look for cheaper ways to stay warm. And some of those people seem to have come to the conclusion that they could simply… move to where the warmth already is. 

Yes, we have arrived at the era of the “energy nomad”

It might have seemed a crazy way to think just a year or so ago, but it appears that a lot of people really are now thinking of spending more of their time in hotter parts of Europe, specifically as a way of avoiding hefty energy bills in colder spots like the UK. 

According to The Independent, it was in September when the phenomenon of “thermal tourism” began to become apparent. That was when a travel agent launched a campaign called “The Heat is On”, encouraging travellers to enjoy longer-stay holidays this winter away from the chilly UK. 

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