Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Japanese farm tech company. It produces tractors, combines, harvesters, rice transplanters and tillers.

Headquartered in Shimane, Japan, Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery is a part of the Mitsubishi Group. It was established from the merger of Mitsubishi Machinery Co., Ltd. and Satoh Agricultural Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi has partnerships with LS Tractors of South Korea (formerly LG Cable) and VST Tillers of India.

Mitsubishi tractors and other equipment, including Tractor Mounted Sprayers, are distributed throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, NZ and North America. In addition, Mitsubishi tractors are sold in the United States under the Mahindra brand.  

Wondering what is a Tractor Mounted Sprayer? A Tractor-mounted sprayer is fixed onto a tractor. Moreover, it is a machine used to spray any liquid like weed killers, crop performance chemicals and production line ingredients. 

In agriculture, a sprayer is useful for applying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on crops. In addition, its special feature is its Sturdiness, which requires minimal maintenance and can be used for life.

Mitsubishi tractor have been lauded globally for their compact design, high utility value, safety and durability. In addition, they have a very strong presence in the sub-compact and compact tractor industry. 

Mahindra and Mitsubishi Partnership

Mahindra entered into a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi with a 33% stake to jointly develop products to address global opportunities. And further, strengthen its position both in the domestic and overseas markets.

Moreover, MAM's portfolio of products includes Power Tillers, Rotors, Tractors, Rice Transplanters, Combine Harvesters, Horticulture machines, Binders and Planters.