Tractor implements are aftermarket accessories designed to accomplish farming tasks. They have the power to improve the efficiency of your tractor drastically. They even save you from buying a separate piece of farm equipment!

This blog post will cover so much in news farm implements-Jagatjit Super Seeder and Landforce Rotavator. 

Everything You Need To Know About Jagatjit Super Seeder

Jagatjit Super Seeder combines a Rotary Tiller & Seed Planter with press wheels. It is useful in the removal of stubble & roots of various crops. 

It provides effective work on the field and has 48-66 HP implement Power that provides fuel-efficient work. And obviously, it is an implement from the Jagatjit brand house, known for its finest quality niches.

Everything You Need To Know About Landforce Rotavator

Landforce Rotavator comes in four different categories: Robusto, Mini Series, Vivo and Supremo. 

Landforce is a top-class brand with expertise in manufacturing rotavators. The Landforce Rotavator machine has advanced technology to provide smooth work and high productivity.

The Landforce Vivo variant is suitable for loose soil and thus very compatible with low HP tractors. In addition, it is very useful and effective for puddling.

The Landforce Supremo variant is suitable for soft soil and is compatible with medium HP tractors. The tiller has a heavy-duty structure and robust design. Moreover, it mixes the soil well and prepares the land for sowing.

The Robusto Rotary Tiller is used for Tillage, also known as a rototiller or rotary plough. The rotary tiller is drawn as an implement behind the four-wheel tractor. This category of rotavator is heavy-duty and is recommended for tractors with high HP.