Public schools in Abu Dhabi are only available to Emiratis. In contrast, Abu Dhabi's private schools provide a wide range of academic options to cater to its multiracial student body. In Abu Dhabi, there are about 198 private schools with 2,80,000 students enrolled. 198 private schools in Abu Dhabi include 32 British elementary schools. This study was released by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Ratings for 7 schools were "outstanding," 5 were "very good," and 20 were "good." According to a KHDA report, the majority of children attending private schools in Abu Dhabi have apparently adopted the British curriculum in order to pursue better employment.

From home education to the approximately 125 different nationalities of expats, Abu Dhabi has almost completely transformed into a melting pot of cultures. Because of the city's brilliant hues and limitless prospects, a lot of families and professionals from all over the world have moved here. Because Abu Dhabi's private schools offer a British curriculum to their students, families are increasingly choosing them. Today, a wide variety of courses are offered at British international schools in Abu Dhabi, together with a complete learning environment and qualified teachers.

Why enrol in a school that follows a British curriculum?


The National Curriculum of England, sometimes referred to as the British Curriculum, is taught in about 150 different countries throughout the world and provides instructors, parents, and students with a comprehensive overview of the educational process at every level.

Every primary British international school in Abu Dhabi that adheres to the British curriculum teaches the subjects of science, business, and humanities, allowing each student to discover their area of interest and realise their full potential.


As it is more commonly referred to, the National Curriculum of England is thought to be the best balanced curriculum for all subjects, including science, the arts, and the humanities. The British curriculum supports activities that are more hands-on and relevant to the modern world.


They place more emphasis on collaborative or individualised project-based learning in the classroom. The student's interest in the material is heightened as a result. The core of this curriculum is a strict, mostly skill-based grading scheme.


Features of a British Curriculum School

The curriculum mainly places an emphasis on goals and accomplishments. It guarantees that both parents and children are curious about and conscious of how their children are developing. By including the parents in every stage of the process, each child is given the chance to reach their full potential.


The British curriculum's main elements include a thorough, balanced curriculum with clearly defined stages.


  • specialised and kid-friendly
  • The academic programme is renowned and respected all around the world.
  • Education continues outside of the classroom's four walls.




The Reach British school, which serves kids from the ages of 3 to 18 [Nursery/FS1 to 13/pre-KG to grade 12], is one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi for the British curriculum. Instructors that have received considerable training and experience meet the kids' educational needs.

It is situated in Abu Dhabi's Baniyas East.

AED 22,800 to AED 46,800 in annual costs


The Reach School, one of the well-known British schools in Abu Dhabi, offers a first-rate learning environment together with a well-designed and cutting-edge curriculum. A well-trained and experienced team is committed to attending to all of the children's requirements in order to foster the excitement of the children in learning new skills. The International Schools Partnership (ISP), which was established in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi, in 2014, includes this institution. High quality, linkages to other countries' educational systems, and solid governance are ensured through the International School Partnership (ISP), a global association of schools.


Since its initial opening in 2014, it has spread widely. There are currently more than 1500 kids there, ranging in age from 3 to 15, representing 60 different countries.


What are the school's best features or strongest suit?


From the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to the more modern IGCSE Edexcel curriculum, Reach British School promotes building a sense of community while providing an extraordinary level of education. To discover and retain the best teachers and other leadership positions, the school uses a rigorous hiring process.

We only hire the best international talent, so our staff of native English speakers and professional Arabic language teachers are well-qualified to educate and support our students both socially and intellectually.

The school's quick growth since opening and an improvement in inspection results under the new administration can be used to measure success.


They value art and music, thus they provide people the chance to frequently sing and scoop up musical instruments.

All of the lecturers there are British native English speakers with years of experience teaching abroad.