If you're someone who loves to explore new places and discover hidden gems, then Blue World City's location in Islamabad is a must-visit destination for you! This stunning city offers an array of exciting attractions that are waiting to be discovered. From picturesque mountains to serene lakes, from thrilling adventure activities to mouth-watering street food, this place has it all. Join us as we uncover the secrets of Blue World City's location in Islamabad and take a journey through its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you longing for more!

Background of Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad  is located in Islamabad, Pakistan and has a rich history. The city was founded in 1984 and is known for its high-rise buildings and modern amenities. The city has also been praised for its cleanliness and safety.

The city's location has played a significant role in its success. It is situated close to the presidential palace and other important government offices. Additionally, it is close to major shopping centres and commercial areas.

Despite its popularity, Blue World City does not receive the same level of attention as other metropolitan areas in Pakistan. This is likely due to its comparatively low population density (approximately 8,000 people per square kilometre) and lack of natural attractions (the city lacks a lake or mountain).

Nonetheless, Blue World City continues to grow rapidly and has developed into one of the most important business districts in Islamabad. It is home to many of the country's leading corporations and has become an attractive destination for both expatriates and locals.

What is Blue World City?

Blue World City is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The city was built specifically to provide a high-quality environment for businesses and individuals. With its convenient location close to major transportation hubs, Blue World City is a great place to work or live.

The city has many amenities that make it an attractive place to live and work. There are plenty of restaurants and shops, as well as parks and other public areas where people can relax. Additionally, the city has excellent infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, and other services.

Blue World City is a great choice for those who want to live in a modern and safe city with plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Blue World City

1. Blue World City is located in the center of Islamabad, making it an easy destination to explore.
2. The city's location makes it a great place to visit for tourists and business travelers alike.
3. The city's proximity to various attractions, such as the National Stadium and Garden of Peace, makes it a great place to stay while in Islamabad.
4. Blue World City's diverse environment and unique shops make it a must-visit destination for tourists and shoppers alike.
5. The city's staff are friendly and welcoming, making it an ideal place to spend a day or two exploring the local area.


Pakistan is home to a variety of cultures and environments, which means there are innumerable hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Blue World City, located in Islamabad, is one such gem. This modern shopping destination offers a range of high-quality shops and restaurants that cater to both locals and tourists alike. Whether you're looking for fashion accessories or luxury goods, Blue World City has something for you.