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1. Walking

We all walk every day, yet we never realize the importance of physics in the process. Have you ever questioned why you don't slip when you walk on the sidewalk or in a park? "Friction" is the reason for this. Our feet's rough bottoms provide resistance to the ground and enable us to walk forwards without slipping. This is why wearing shoes help you maintain a better grip because they have more durable soles.

Because of this, we are prone to falling when we tread on a damp or a banana peel. We frequently fall because these compounds cause less friction between the two media.

2. Clock alarm

You might be astonished to learn that physics affects your life right now after you wake up. Physics' foundations are used by the reliable alarm clock to wake you up each morning. You cannot see the sound you are waking up to, but you can hear it or feel it.
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3. Steam Iron
The steam iron is yet another device from daily life that applies physics principles. To iron our clothes before leaving for work, we require it every day. Thermodynamics is the branch of physics that governs how iron works. In thermodynamics, energy is transferred from a warm to a cold surface when a surface is heated. This is how a steam iron's soleplate or metal plate effortlessly presses any type of clothing.