China Sanitary Napkin manufacturers Products Description Anaerobic bacteria cannot reproduce and survive on anion sanitary napkins, so anion chip sanitary napkins have antibacterial and bactericidal effects.The anion sanitary napkin has an anion chip, which can promote the balance of human magnetic field, thus improving the activity of human cells, improving immunity, and playing the role of anti-inflammatory and analgesic 聽Day useNight usePad length250mm290mm150mm piece/pack8630 pack/box48 package surfacestereo air cotton soft chipAnion chipNo chip coreComposite coreNo core core compositionWater absorption beads + pure wood pulpNo core wingsWith wingsNo wings diversion360掳Circulating diversion trench Anti sliding sidewaysThree - piece stereo protection basement membraneOrdinary basement membrane adhesive tapeHenkel glue + glue breaking technology film360掳Fully enclosed single PE film outer packingAluminum film bag typeSimple fresh main pointBacteriostatic and deodorant expired date3 years place of originJiangsu, China 聽China Sanitary Napkin manufacturers website: