Customized Carbide End Mills for Wood Spotlight Exhibits Factory Product Description 60HRC Solid Carbide Corn Teeth Carbon Fiber Processing End Mill SPECIFICATION d1 L1 D L D3.175*12*D3.175*38L3.175mm12mm3.175mm38L D3.175*17*D3.175*38L3.175mm17mm3.175mm38L D3.175*22*D3.175*45L3.175mm22mm3.175mm45L D3.175*25*D3.175*45L3.175mm25mm3.175mm45L D4*17*D4*50L4mm17mm4mm50L D4*22*D4*50L4mm22mm4mm50L D4*25*D4*50L4mm25mm4mm50L D4*32*D4*60L4mm32mm4mm60L D6*17*D6*50L6mm17mm6mm50L D6*22*D6*50L6mm22mm6mm50L D6*25*D6*50L6mm25mm6mm50L D6*32*D6*60L6mm32mm6mm60L D6*42*D6*70L6mm42mm6mm70L D6*52*D6*80L6mm52mm6mm80L D6*62*D6*90L6mm62mm6mm90L D8*25*D8*60L8mm25mm8mm60L D8*32*D8*60L8mm32mm8mm60L D8*42*D8*70L8mm42mm8mm70L D8*52*D8*80L8mm52mm8mm80L D8*62*D8*90L8mm62mm8mm90L D10*32*D10*75L10mm32mm10mm75L D10*42*D10*85L10mm42mm10mm85L D10*62*D10*95L10mm62mm10mm95L Tolerances Flute DiameterFlute Diameter ToleranceShank Diameter Tolerance 桅1.0-桅2.90锝?0.02H6 桅3-桅6-0.01锝?0.03 桅6-桅10-0.01锝?0.035 桅10.0-桅18.0-0.01锝?0.04 桅18.0-桅20.0-0.015锝?0.045 Application Circuit BoardHDFHard WoodEVE SpongeCarbon Fiber BoardAluminum Alloy 50HRC55HRC60HRC65HRC 鈼?/strong>鈼?/strong>鈭?/p>鈭?/p>鈭?/p> 鈼?/strong>鈼?/strong> Raw Material List GradeISO CodeChemical Compositions锛?锛?/p>Grain Size(um)Physial Mechanical Properites(鈮?Coating WcCoDensity(g/cm3)Hardness (HRA)T.R.S(N/mm2) YG10X(50HRC)K30-K4089100.814.4391.52500TISIN UF12U(55HRC)K4087120.614.1592.33900TISIN AF501(60HRC)K05-K1089100.414.192.83600NANO BLACK AF308(65HRC)K05-K109180.31493.83800NANO (BLUE) Detailed Photos Corn milling cutterCemented Carbide corn End MillSolid Carbide cron End Mill Our Advantages 1. Good knowledge on different market can meet special requirements. 2. Real manufacturer 3. Strong professional technical team ensure to produce the top quality products. 4. Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable price. 5. Rich experience equipment. Packaging FAQ 1.Q: When we receive your machine ,is there any other Accessories we will get? A: Yes, some easy abrasion spare parts will be provided free in case when some small problems happen. 2.Q: Can your products be customized? A: Yes, we have a professional team which has rich experience in welding equipments,so we'll try our best to satisfy your requirement. 3.Q: What's your after-sale service? A: Some damageable spare parts can be offered free. 4. Q: How long is the production cycle? A: 30-50 days 5.Q: What are your terms of payment? A: T/T or L/CCustomized Carbide End Mills for Wood website: