While white diamonds capture a lot of hearts, there’s nothing more romantic, elegant, and appealing than a pink diamond. Pink diamond rings in Ottawa Ontario offer you a stunning pink shade that ranges from pastel pinks to intense pinks and is incredibly rare and valuable.


These gemstones are twenty times pricier than white diamonds owing to their rarity. Being diamonds they offer you added durability making them great for daily wear. Pink diamonds also offer you a bigger brilliance and fire making them ideal for brides that love the sparkle.


Reasons to choose pink diamonds

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer pink diamonds in Ottawa Ontario is that these gemstones offer you a stunning fire and brilliance that’s unlike anything else.


Keep in mind that the metal you choose can affect the shade of your gemstone. Warmer metals like yellow gold and rose gold highlight the intense pink shades of your diamond while cooler metals like platinum and silver bring out the pastel shades of your gemstone.


These diamonds are mostly chosen by brides looking to showcase their unique and bold personality and love of pink. If you don’t feel like choosing a pink diamond center stone, opt for a white diamond center stone with smaller pink diamond side stones.


Since these wedding bands in Ottawa Ontario can be expensive, it’s best to keep your budget in mind and head to a professional that can offer you a range of high-end pieces and certified gemstones at an affordable cost.


Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for something modern, traditional, trendy, or vintage-inspired your pink diamond can easily suit any style and design.


Always choose something that resonates with you and that you adore wearing daily instead of simply choosing something trendy.