There are plenty of reasons to ditch the birthday card. They're expensive, can't be sent online, and are generally forgotten as soon as they're opened. So it's time to say bye-bye to the old-fashioned birthday card and embrace a more modern way of greeting like virtual birthday cards our loved ones on their special day.

Virtual birthday cards are the answer to these problems. They're inexpensive, fun, and easy to use, only requiring an address and a code that's easily shared. There's also the option of sending a non-birthday card, but remember to keep it short because, after all—no one wants to read an entire novel on their birthday.

But what about the loving words which are traditionally included in birthday cards? There's nothing wrong with some added sentimentality, but Birthday Ecards fit the occasion more precisely and could mean the world to someone they can't otherwise reach.  Stay classic with our huge collection of  Group Greeting

Group birthday card will also become more relevant as time goes by. Technology is advancing rapidly, and soon, no one will be able to send a card by snail mail, so you'll want to ensure your words are perfectly timed.

Birthday ecards are simple to send because they only require the recipient's email address. The latter can be obtained easily through various websites or apps that let you select the message and add it directly to your birthday card. You can even add text and images, so birthday cards are becoming an outlet for our creativity and a way of saying 'thank you with our words.

That's right; a personalized ecard is just what you need for that modern touch! Say "Happy Birthday" in whatever style suits you best - with a picture, an animation, or a customized text message - and show your friends and family that you care about turning their day into something truly unforgettable.

When you send a online birthday cards, the world becomes your oyster. You can also be sure that the people you share your special day with will most definitely appreciate it. One of the things many people love about ecards is that they take the hassle out of sending birthday cards. Why make life more difficult for yourself when you can use a card that doesn't look like a standard birthday greeting?

Not everyone is a fan of the traditional birthday card, and some people think that sending greeting cards is simply an outdated tradition. If this sounds like you, why not opt for a more modern way of wishing your friends and family a happy birthday? An ecard can be sent to anyone with an email address - it doesn't matter if they're nowhere near you or you've never met them.

If you know someone who has never used an ecard to send birthday wishes before, you will be blown away by your modern approach. You can choose to send them a digital picture, customized text, or even an animated greeting card that plays on their phone or computer. All their friends and family will be able to participate in the magic of your gift, which is something they cannot do with a traditional birthday card.

You should also consider how age-sensitive your birthday ecard is; just because you might be 32 doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way! Try to include instructions in the text message to let people know when you want it sent.

Instead of writing a birthday ecard, use the power of Facebook or email to say "Happy Birthday" to your friends and family. Even if you have no idea who they are or their email address, you can still send them an ecard, which can also be sent using Facebook or whatsapp. It's a lot easier than going through a website, and it's handy if you want to make people aware of your birthday without having a tremendous amount of work ahead of you!

However, this doesn't mean that all birthday ecards are out of the question. There are many ways to send a greeting, and choose what works best for you. Suppose you're sending an ecard to a business colleague, for example. In that case, you can include a small gift with the message or use a congratulatory message that is especially appropriate for the occasion.

Perhaps you're convinced that ecards are the perfect way to wish your friends and family a happy birthday? If so, then send one today! A Birthday ecards can become a tradition of its own in no time - plus, they're straightforward to design. Just think how amazing it will be when you get messages saying "Thank You" in your inbox on your special day! Happy Birthday


An ecard is so much more than a card. It's a personalized experience that can include pictures, videos, and sounds; it can be sent in the blink of an eye and shared with anyone in your contact book. These advantages make for a more sophisticated way of saying "Happy Birthday," - so why not opt for ecards this year? It's cheaper, more original, and more exciting!


If that isn't enough convincing to welcome the ecard into your life, then you should know that by sending an ecard instead of a card, you're also saving paper, which is excellent for the environment! Ecards are also easy to save and share on any computer or mobile device you might have. It's time to ditch the birthday card and greet your loved ones with something more sophisticated. Nobody should have to spend their birthday without receiving a greeting from someone they care about, and ecards provide an ideal way of showing your family and friends that you care - without making an effort!