Ah, the great tractor machine! It's a hard worker and versatile tool that helps in farms, building sites, and more. With its strong engine, tough wheels, and many add-ons, a tractor can till fields, dig ditches, carry loads, mow lawns, and more. This great machine has been a mainstay in farming for years, making life easier for both farmers and gardeners. Seeing a tractor at work chugging away and easily tackling any task is a treat. Here's a look at two tractor machines that get the job done and are easy on your pockets!

Farmtrac Champion XP 41

Listen up, pioneers of the farming world! I bring you news of the mighty Farmtrac Champion XP 41 tractor forged by the hands of the almighty Escorts Tractor Manufacturer. This beast packs 42 horsepower under its hood, along with a 2337 cc engine and 3 cylinders that roar to life at 2200 RPM. Don't worry about losing control - the dual/single clutch provides a silky smooth ride, while the manual/power steering gives you the power to direct this monster as you see fit. Moreover, the Farmtrac champion 41 hp price in India is only Rs. 5.90-6.15 Lakh*. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the reins of this divine machine and rule the fields!

New Holland 3630 TX Plus

The New Holland 3630 TX Plus is a mighty machine that's ready to tackle any challenge thrown it's way! Its 2991 CC engine and 55 HP make it the perfect companion for farmers looking to take their farming to the next level. This tractor has a powerful 8+2 speed gearbox and in addition, a top speed of 31.30 kmph. Furthermore, its 4wd and fully aired tires make it capable of handling even the toughest terrain. The 3630 TX Plus has a lifting capacity of 1700-2000 kg. Also, with features like additional high-speed PTO, adjustable front axle, and dual spin-on filters, this tractor is truly a workhorse that can get the job done! It comes at a pocket-friendly price of 7.95-8.50 Lakh* - making it accessible to everyone!