China Textile Printer Advantages of DTF printers: 1. One-stop hollow printing, no need for cutting plotter, laminating machine, hollowing machine, no waste discharge, time saving, labor saving and labor saving. 2. The pattern is soft to the touch, washable and durable, and has a dry and wet rubbing fastness of grade聽 3. Printable materials include cotton fabrics, high elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, swimwear, denim, PVC, EVA, etc. DTF printer heat transfer printer is equipped with 2 i3200A1 nozzles, with beautiful colors and delicate picture quality. The integrated suction platform of the mold ensures the flatness of the printing material and the stability of the printing. The front, middle and rear triple heating, which can be dried immediately after hitting, and improve the printing efficiency. Automatic feeding and unwinding system, fast release and fast collection, improve efficiency. Heating the hot melt powder, drying the output, increasing the washability and firmness of the heat transfer.China Textile Printer website: