Are you looking for a heavy-duty truck that can handle the toughest tasks? Look no further than the Ashok Leyland 4020 truck! With its powerful engine, 16 tyres, and high load-carrying capacity, this truck can easily take on any challenge. From long-haul transportation to mining and construction, the Ashok Leyland 4020 truck is a versatile vehicle that can perform various applications with precision and efficiency. So get ready to revolutionise your business with the Ashok Leyland 4020 truck!

Features Of Ashok Leyland 4020 Truck

Ashok Leyland 4020 is a heavy-duty truck manufactured by the Indian commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland.

The truck provides maximum performance and efficiency in demanding environments. The Ashok Leyland 4020 truck has a powerful series CRS with an iGen6 Technology engine. It delivers a maximum power of 200 hp and a torque of 700 Nm. 

Additionally, a vehicle’s diesel fuel tank of 375 litres can provide ample fuel for long-haul journeys. With a mileage of about 4.5 kmpl, the fuel tank can help ensure the vehicle can travel long distances without frequent refuelling stops. 

The top speed of the Ashok Leyland 4020 truck is 80 kmph. This allows it for long-distance travel where efficiency is essential. The truck can therefore cover long distances more quickly because of its high-speed capabilities, which boosts productivity and cuts down on transit time.

In addition, the Ashok Leyland 4020 truck has 16 tyres, providing excellent stability and handling capabilities. The tyres can withstand heavy loads. Also, they adapt to different terrains, making the vehicle perfect for various applications, including long-distance hauling, mining, and construction.

Finally, the Ashok Leyland 4020 truck is a robust and dependable heavy-duty vehicle that provides the highest level of efficiency and productivity in improving operational efficiency. For additional information on the cost and features of this vehicle, visit Truck Junction.