Even the smallest details of daily life are considered while planning a wedding's attire and style. As jewellery is a crucial component of a bride's trousseau, it merits a unique place. Over the years, a great deal of jewelry-wearing styles have been developed. In actuality, more than anything else, humanity have been greatly inspired by the beauty of nature. This explains why floral imitation jewellery sets is so popular with ladies, especially in and around wedding homes. With these suggestions for adding floral jewellery on four separate significant days in your life, we've got you prepared for your forthcoming wedding. Start reading now to learn more!




You want to make an equally lasting impact on your better half while you are just starting out on an eternal voyage with your sweetheart. In order to achieve this, you can choose delicate earrings in gold or platinum with floral designs, or a lovely pendant with flowers and the initials of your and your partner's names engraved on it. You can choose bangles with diamond accents or perhaps a bracelet with flower carvings and stone decorations as bangles are clearly worn on such a day. Wearing anklets made from genuine mogra flowers can keep your feet smelling like heaven if you're seeking for a more affordable method to add floral jewellery to your wardrobe.


henna and sangeet


This is the ideal time to enjoy frivolity and cheeriness in one's attire and accessorise with flower jewellery. Wearing powerful crowns adorned with vibrant flowers and having lovely henna designs applied to your hands, feet, and arms is a fantastic combination. Brightly coloured flowers, or even haath-phools, look very lovely on such crowns. Nevertheless baaju bandhs and flower dangler earrings are still the simplest and most comfortable ways to give anyone's appearance that natural shine on this joyous day. You may simply match the colour of floral jewellery with your attire, which is one of its many adaptable properties. You can have a flowery necklace, bangles, and any other jewellery item made to match the colour of your dress if you're wearing a pastel or vibrant gown to your sangeet.




Haldi ceremonies serve as a reminder of the vivid yellows, the colour of youth, wealth, and fertility, as you get closer to your D-Day. Given that today should be the day you look your best, go for some unique flower jewellery made of handcrafted gota-patti for a really boho look! Some of these items include delicately added glass-like elements as well as beads, colourful gotas in the form of flowers, strings, and other embellishments.




The most stressful yet exhilarating day for a bride to go out and be herself in every aspect is this one. Making floral jewellery seem effortlessly blendable with the rest of the wedding attire is a critical step when wearing it on your wedding day. The simplest method to strike the ideal balance between genuine and synthetic flower jewellery on this day is to wear a stunning headpiece composed of real roses and tuberoses while also wearing a detailed floral gold necklace set with diamonds and valuable stones.


Infant Shower


The joy that a couple has when they welcome a child into the world is incomparable. The most honourable occasion for a lady to dress in floral jewellery that adds cosiness, love, and beauty to an already-blooming essence of her vitality is the baby shower, also known as the custom known as DohaleJevan. The crown or artificial maangtika, the artificial baaju bandh, the haathphool with connected bracelets, the waistband or kamar bandh, the earrings, and the anklets are the most popular and extravagant floral jewellery items in the complete selection for the event. The decision to purchase jewellery with soft beaded flowers or genuine flowers is entirely up to the wearer. You can match the colours of the floral jewellery in accordance with the colour scheme of the saree you're wearing to your DohaleJevan. Practically speaking, soft fake flower artificial jewellery sets is a preferable choice since it may be cherished as a happy memory because feelings are connected to this holy customary event.