Wholesale Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Specifications: Viscous honey golden liquid Superiority: 鈼?100% natural extraction, industrial-scale production, stable supply 鈼?Quality assurance 鈼?Third-party laboratory tested, stable and high content of CBD 鈼?No Detectable THC 鈼?Method HPLC. Heavy metals, residues and microbial meet the standards of CHP, JP and USP THC-FREE CBD Distillate is created by adding CBD isolate to a carrier oil. With this type of product, the user gets pure CBD with no other added cannabinoids or terpenes. Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil Broad spectrum is similar to THC-FREE CBD Distillate in the fact that it contains no detectable THC. Although the THC content is removed, other minor cannabinoids of the hemp plant are included.Wholesale Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil website:http://www.hnmisobio.com/cannabinoids/broad-spectrum-hemp-oil/