Farmers need tractors to carry out farming activities effortlessly. Thus, we must ensure the use of a powerful tractor. So, below are two reliable tractor models from Eicher to increase crop productivity.

Two Popular Eicher Tractor Models

Eicher 188 

The Eicher 188 is a powerful mini tractor in the 18 HP segment. It has all the features which make it a worthy opponent against any utility tractor. With its compact body and modern elements, the Eicher tractor will help in every small-scale farming operation. Also, this mini tractor has a 700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and oil-immersed brakes for convenience. Moreover, the Eicher 188 price is affordable and justified according to the Indian farmers’ budgets. It is available from Rs. 3.20 to 3.30 lakh in India. Therefore, this Eicher tractor is famous for performing essential farming activities. You can also know about farmtrac 45 price, specifications and features etc. 

Eicher 241 

The Eicher 241 tractor is one of the popular models in the 25 HP segment. This is because it gives ease and efficiency while performing field operations. This tractor comes with a 5 Forward + 1 Reverse gearbox for giving different speed options. Furthermore, it has a live, six-splined shaft PTO, which can operate the farming implements. Apart from this, the Eicher 241 is helpful for improving the crop production of every farming field. Along with these features, the Eicher 241 price is Rs. 3.83 to 4.15 lakh in India. Hence, this powerful tractor is an excellent choice for farming. You can also know about the Swaraj 744 price and features. 


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