The revolutionary Mahindra Blazo X 42  is designed not only for profit but also for maximum savings. It has a lesser AdBlue consumption. And also means fewer trips to the refill station and lower AdBlue costs. What does this signify for your transportation company? Of course, more earnings and revenue. Here are the more complete details of the Mahindra Blazo X 42 truck here.

Features of the Mahindra Blazo X 42

Mahindra Vehicles and Buses has a robust Blazo X portfolio with top-end vehicles in all main tonnage groups to answer the growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles. The Blazo X 42 meets all long-distance transportation requirements. With its powerful engine, superb and durable aggregates, and factory-fitted interior, this five-axle truck is also extremely competent. The 14-tyre truck segment in India has grown significantly in recent years as fleet operators seek larger cargo-carrying vehicles with better operational economics.

This 12-tyre commercial truck comes with the mPower 7.2 Litre FuelSmart engine that can produce 280 HorsePower and a peak torque of 1050 Nm. And also, The Mahindra Blazo X 42 Truck is simple to operate and can be utilised for various transportation services. It has a strong, robust design can endure the rigours of commercial, farming, and industrial applications.

It proves that this performance-oriented truck can give a winning edge to your business while boosting revenue throughout the year.

Mahindra Blazo X 42 truck Price Range

In India, the Mahindra Blazo X 42 truck price range starts at Rs. 40.16 lakh, which can exceed Rs. 40.36 lakh.

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