Connections International is focused to offer innovative superior quality products to our customers in the local market and region. With our customer's interest at heart, we market products that are outstanding amongst their peers.

Associations Global is engaged to offer creative better quality items than our clients in the neighborhood market and district. With our client's revenue on a basic level, we market items that are remarkable among their companions.

Associations is one of the early trailblazers in upholding sun based high temp water framework starting around 1977.

Hot Water Solar System

Solar water heater

Solar water heater Singapore

The organization is quick to present erosion free hardened steel tank for sunlight based heated water frameworks.

Zero guarantee record for our treated steel tank, an accomplishment unparalleled by some other maker.

With over 30 years of involvement, our group has the best individuals for sun based heated water frameworks, for private and business applications.

Get the Rheem-Edwards solar heater Sunlight based Warmer in Singapore!

Marine-grade 316 treated steel capacity tanks

Prestigious toughness

- tanks and boards outlive manufacturing plant guarantee by another 100 percent

Planned and fabricated in Australia

Return of speculation of L305 for a run of the mill family is around 5 years.

Edwards sun based heated water framework works on the regular thermosiphon rule, for example at the point when water is warmed it rises. The sun straightforwardly warms the water as it goes through the sun powered chargers. The warmed water then ascents to the highest point of the boards and returns into the capacity tank. This interaction proceeds while the sun is sparkling, giving you and your family boiling water liberated from the sun.

The new present day plan, joined with the strength of tempered steel and the certainty of buying a quality Australian planned and fabricated item, will furnish you with true serenity for a long time to come.

For bleak or blustery days, an electric component promoter, in the tank, goes about as a back-up helper source.

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