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Big Brother Brasil 2023 is simulcast in all IPTV and streaming platforms. Watch the same game produced by Endemol Shine Brasil, produced in Brazil and licensed to all Latin America, USA and Europe. Join our community

Big Brother Brasil 2023 is a Brazilian reality television game show that premiered on 22 July 2019. It is based on the original Big Brother Brasil and features adults (18–70 years old) who live inside an isolated house in São Paulo for 100 days for the purpose of competing for prizes and ratings. The show was originally supposed to premiere on 8 June 2019, but after some delays it was postponed until following week due to technical issues with the electoral system used by Rede Globo in voting forms

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Big Brother Brasil 2023 is a reality show that has been on air since 2004 and is aired by SBT. The show features contestants, who have an opportunity to live inside a house with few other contestants who are under surveillance 24/7. This season starts on March 8th, 2021.

Big Brother Brasil 2023, Brazil is the country where you can find all the best things about La Vida Loca: Brazilians, the Carnival and the carnival itself. You will also see a lot of fascinating people who could become famous when they return home or not after that season of admiration.

Big Brother Brasil is not only the largest reality show in Portuguese-speaking countries, but also one of the most watched around the world. It has been going on for 20 years and counting, with over 30 different seasons introduced. This year we will introduce a virtual reality game show to our viewers.

All the cookware pots, pans and dishes that were used in the first two seasons of Big Brother Brasil are designed by Ta Bonito. This exclusive set includes a complete range of utensils and accessories - just like the ones used in the house.