Dating as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the LDS or Mormon Church) comes with unique principles and practices. For many Mormons dating is not just a way to meet new people but a serious pursuit of a life partner who shares their religious beliefs and values. This article explores the core aspects of Mormon dating, including its principles, practices, and modern adaptations.

Understanding Mormon Dating

Mormon dating is deeply intertwined with the teachings and values of the LDS Church. It’s often viewed as a step toward finding a companion for life, ideally leading to a temple marriage that reflects the Church’s eternal perspective on relationships.

Key Principles of Mormon Dating

  1. Faith-Based Relationships

At the heart of Mormon dating is the desire to find a partner who shares the same faith and commitment to the principles of the LDS Church. This shared belief system provides a strong foundation for a relationship and is central to the dating process.

  • Temple Marriage: Many Mormons view temple marriage as the ultimate goal of dating. The belief in eternal families, where marriage and relationships extend beyond this life, shapes the dating culture.
  • Spiritual Compatibility: Dating in the Mormon faith often involves finding someone who is spiritually compatible. This includes sharing similar beliefs, practices, and goals in their spiritual lives.
Chastity and Moral Standards

The Law of Chastity is a fundamental principle in Mormon dating. This law emphasizes abstinence from sexual relations before marriage and maintaining high moral standards.

  • Emphasis on Purity: Mormons are encouraged to date with respect for these standards, focusing on building a relationship based on emotional and spiritual connections rather than physical ones.
  • Dating Guidelines: Young single adults are often taught to date with the intention of getting to know someone better, rather than simply seeking casual relationships.
Respect and Integrity

Respect and integrity are crucial components of Mormon dating. Mormons are taught to treat others with kindness, honesty, and fairness in their relationships.

  • Clear Intentions: It’s important for Mormons to communicate their intentions honestly and to approach dating with sincerity and respect for the other person’s feelings and boundaries.
  • Healthy Relationships: Building a healthy relationship includes developing trust, maintaining clear communication, and supporting one another’s personal and spiritual growth.

Mormon Dating Practices

  1. Church Activities and Events

Church-sponsored activities play a significant role in Mormon dating. These events provide opportunities for singles to meet in a wholesome environment.

  • Single Adult Wards: Many congregations have single adult wards or branches where members can participate in activities and social events specifically for singles.
  • Social Events: Activities like dances, game nights, and service projects organized by local wards or stakes offer venues for meeting potential partners.
Family Involvement

Family is central to Mormon life, and family involvement in dating is a common practice.

  • Meeting the Family: It is typical for serious relationships to involve meeting each other’s families, as family support and approval are valued in the Mormon dating process.
  • Counsel and Support: Family members often provide advice and support during the dating process, helping individuals make thoughtful decisions about their relationships.

Modern Adaptations in Mormon Dating

  1. Online Dating Platforms

With the rise of technology, many Mormons use online dating platforms to meet potential partners.

  • Apps and Websites: Platforms like Mutual, LDSPlanet, and LDSSingles offer spaces for Mormons to connect with others who share their faith. These sites provide features like profile creation, matching algorithms, and messaging tools.
  • Social Media: Mormons also use social media for dating and connecting with other singles through church-related groups and events.
Balancing Tradition and Modernity

Modern Mormons navigate the balance between traditional dating practices and contemporary dating trends.

  • Navigating Expectations: While traditional values are upheld, Mormons also adapt to modern dating norms, finding ways to integrate their faith with current dating practices.
  • Creating Connections: Digital tools and social media help expand the dating pool and offer new ways for Mormons to meet and interact with potential partners.

Challenges in Mormon Dating

  1. Geographical Limitations

In areas with smaller LDS populations, finding a partner can be challenging. Online dating and regional church events help address this issue.

  • Long-Distance Relationships: Some Mormons engage in long-distance relationships, using technology to maintain connections until they can be together.
Pressure and Timing

There can be pressure to marry early, particularly in church communities where marriage is highly valued.

  • Focusing on Personal Growth: Mormons are encouraged to focus on personal and spiritual growth rather than succumbing to external pressures about marriage timelines.

Success Stories in Mormon Dating

Many Mormons have found lasting relationships and marriages through dating within their faith community. Success stories often highlight the effectiveness of a faith-centered approach to finding a partner.

  • Building Lifelong Relationships: Couples who meet through church activities, dating apps, or social events often find that shared faith and values provide a strong foundation for a successful marriage.


Mormon dating is a unique experience shaped by the teachings and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With a focus on faith-based relationships, moral standards, and family involvement, Mormon dating seeks to create meaningful connections that lead to eternal companionship. By balancing traditional practices with modern tools and adapting to challenges, Mormons navigate the dating world with a commitment to finding partners who share their spiritual goals and values.

Whether through church activities, online platforms, or personal connections, Mormon singles continue to seek out relationships that align with their faith and lead to lasting happiness.