Yecson Preciado | Boxing Instructor (Full)


Life has never been easy for boxing trainer Yecson Preciado. Hailing from Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador, he grew up in a drug-fueled, murderous environment. Suffering abuse at the hands of his father, he left home at 10, spending two months on the streets. In spite of these traumatic circumstances, he persisted, driven only by his dream of becoming a boxer. 

Yecson was eventually adopted by a family. He told them of his aspirations, and they bought him everything he needed to boxing. The remainder of his youth was spent training under his boxing mentor Chango. He fought some of his country’s best boxers, becoming something of a local legend himself. 


It was not enough for Yecson to fight only for himself. He could have easily fallen victim to a life of crime or homelessness, but boxing saved him. And he knew that it could save others by becoming the best trainer in boxing. Enter Trinibox.