It can be quite risky to be exposed to X-rays because it has the ability to harm your skin and raise your risk of getting cancer. Utilizing radiation protection products and radiation protection aprons is crucial for defence against this. This can aid when working in any imaging environment to lessen the impacts of ionising radiation. To protect patients and medical personnel, radiation safety education and awareness are essential. Due to recent improvements in diagnostic and fluoroscopy, it is crucial to follow regulations and take action to reduce radiation exposure for medical professionals, radiologists, and patients. It is crucial to make sure that radiation protective equipment is utilised correctly and is maintained properly.Given that even low levels of radiation can be harmful, personal protective equipment should undergo yearly checks to ensure that it is functioning properly. Along with being a producer of X-ray cassettes, Kiran also creates Radiation Protection Accessories like Radiation Protection Gloves, Aprons, and Skirt Vests. Visit Trivitron at for additional details on a variety of radiation protection aprons and tools.